If you like Summer Promise by Robin Jones Gunn

I have included both young adult and adult Christian/inspirational romance
books - a few contemporary and a few historical.


Until Tomorrow (Christy and Todd book 1) - by Robin Jones Gunn.

"Christy and Todd are joined by their best buddy, Katie, as they traipse
around Europe for three weeks. Traveling from the fjords of Norway to
the canals of Venice, their relationships are tested when their varying
agendas conflict."--Container.


Christy by Catherine Marshall.

When Christy Huddleston leaves a life of privilege and ease to teach in
the impoverished Smokey Mountains, her faith is severely tested by her
pupils, the love of two men, and the curious customs of the mountain
people in her community. Yet she grows to love these people and the
simple, fulfilling lifestyle to be found in the heart of God's country.
(from Amazon)


Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl, Caitlin book 1) by Melody Carolson.

Sixteen-year-old Caitlin O'Conner keeps a six-month diary in which she
records the day-to-day events of her life as well as her struggles to
understand herself and God's plan for her future.


Only You (Sierra Jensen, book 1) by Robin Jones Gunn.

The Europe mission trip brought Sierra Jensen the best gift possible:
two new friends, Katie and Christy. But now Sierra is headed home, and
she can't help but wonder will her friendships last? And what about her
new home? Her family moved while she was gone, and that means facing a
new high school. And the biggest question of all: Will she ever find
love? Then a chance meeting in a London airport answers that question.
Paul makes her heart leap. But she'll never see him again! Or will she?


Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

Rivers has rewritten a secular historical romance of the same name
(Bantam, 1991) for the Christian market, and it is a splendid piece of
work exploring both physical love and a love of God. Angel, a young,
hardened prostitute sold into "the life" as a child, has no interest in
God or religion. Then she meets Michael Hosea, a devout Christian who
tells her it is his mission to save her. After being badly beaten, Angel
decides to take Michael up on his offer of marriage. Eventually, she
learns not only to love Michael but to love God as well.


Bookends by Liz Curtis Higgs.

Emilie Getz and Jonas Fielding are as different as two people-of the
same age, with the same faith, living in the same charming Pennsylvania
town-could be. She loves history; he loves new ideas. She sticks to the
rules; he likes to break them. She's into saving relics; he's into
saving souls. The one trait they share is a penchant for controlling
every aspect of their lives, including their stubborn hearts. When
Emilie's search for an archaeological treasure leads her to the one
piece of land she can't have (thanks to Jonas), they choose opposing
sides in an engaging battle of wits. Emilie, a no-nonsense sort of
woman, is determined to have her way. But Jonas is on a mission as well:
He wants to hear Emilie laugh. Often. (from Amazon)