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Comments: I read Maximize the Moment, Cover Girls, Help!I'm Raising Kids

Alone!, Woman Thou Art Loosed!, The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord. They
are all excellent books to motivate you to be all God wants you to be!

Genre: Inspirational

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Well! You've pretty much gone through our T.D. Jakes offerings! Since
you like T.D. Jakes works so much, how about trying these authors for
both Christian nonfiction and fiction titles?

Juanita Bynum
Matters of the Heart
Find out how you can be doing good works for God and not even know Him
as you should.Uncover areas where your old heart deceives you, and learn
why it can't be fixed.Explore the heart/mind connection and see why this
key to intimacy with God is so vital to a healthy, satisfying and
effective life. God wants to do some major heart surgery and give you a
permanent and improved life. Are you ready to receive? Book jacket.
(catalog summary)

Nicole Johnson
Fresh-brewed life: a stirring invitation to wake up your soul
Nine "Yes!" principles help women wake up to their own lives in this
upbeat, inspirational approach to waking in a manner worthy of their
faith. (catalog summary)

Karen Scalf Linamen
I'm not suffering from insanity-- I'm enjoying every minute of it!
Linamen knows that hope, healing, and humor go hand in hand.
Encouragement, suggestions, and witty advice for stressed out women is
the focus of this follow-up to the bestsellers "Just Hand Over the
Chocolate" and "Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy." (catalog summary)

Rick Warren
The purpose-driven life : what on earth am I here for?
The author of the popular "Purpose-Driven Church" uncovers seven
essentials for understanding and fulfilling one's God-given life
mission. (catalog summary)

Victoria Christopher Murray
From a bestselling Christian author comes an engrossing and uplifting
contemporary novel about the crucial life decisions a woman must make
after being stalked. (catalog summary)

Angela Benson
Abiding Hope
Torn apart by the death of their young son, Marvin and Sharonetta Taylor
must find a way, through God's grace, to turn from mistrust and hurt
toward the promise of a love-filled future. (catalog summary)

Pat G'Orge Walker
Sister Betty! God's calling you again!
s the Bible thumpin', don't-you-dare-sass-me Sister Betty, Pat
G'Orge-Walker performs at churches, universities, writers' conferences,
and on Gospel Today Television. Now, she brings Sister Betty and her
adventures to a wider audience with this uplifting collection of tales
and spiritual teachings, straight from Pelzer, South Carolina and the
Ain't Nobody Else Right But Us -- All Others Goin' to Hell Church. It
was back on a Wednesday afternoon in 1984 when Sister Betty got a
telephone call from God -- and what He told her is the topic of the
hilarious title story in this new collection. Introducing Sister Betty
and her friends -- snuff-taking, big-hearted Ma Cile, her two grandkids
from up North, Lil Bit and June Bug, and neighbors including the
gorgeous, red-haired Sister Connie Fuse -- each of these seven tales
serves up lessons about love and life, with a big helping of
humor.Rascals and reprobates like flirtatious Deacon Laid Handz,
man-hungry spinster Sister Carrie Onn, jealous choir director Brother
Mythang, and scheming Reverend Knott Enuff Money hold a mirror up to the
shortcomings of us all. The landmarks of the little town of Pelzer, such
as the Homeboyz All-Nite-All-Day parking lot, provide comic relief. And
yet for all the lightheartedness, each story ends with an important
message about the gifts of God and the strength found in black church
traditions. As irrepressible as Sister Betty herself, Pat G'Orge-Walker
celebrates the gospel heritage and abiding faith of African Americans
with her creation of an unforgettable character, and her delightful
comic sketches of modern life. Reading even one guarantees to bring a
burst of laughter -- and the sunshine of God's word -- into your day.
Book jacket. (catalog summary)

Michele Andrea Bowen
Church Folk
Set in the South during the 1960s, "Church Folk" tells the hilarious
story of a young pastor and his wife as they try to hold their
congregation together despite the members' foibles. (catalog summary)

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