More titles of Teen Romance

If you enjoy romance, here are some titles you may like:

Confessions of a NOT IT Girl by Melissa Kantor.

High school senior Jan Miller is convinced she's destined for the world's least fabulous life because she doesn't have IT. But, maybe, just maybe, being a Not It Girl will turn out to have some major rewards.

Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw.

Cyril, an overweight boy who is good friends with Rose but wishes he could be more, helps his best friend Nick woo her with culinary masterpieces which Cyril himself secretly creates. Includes recipes from the story.

Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras by Cathy Hopkins.

In the tradition of "Bridget Jones's Diary" comes this hilarious look at adolescence told by three British teenage girls. Everything around 14-year-old Lucy Loverling is changing, and she wonders when her own life will improve. The day Lucy sees the most wonderful boy, things do begin to change.