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If You Like John Grisham ...

If you like books like John Grisham's that feature law, politics, international relations, and intrigue, you might like these titles.

Separation of Power by Vince Flynn
CIA counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp takes on both Baghdad and Washington, D.C. to avert World War III.

Mark of the Assassin by Daniel Silva
When a terrorist bomb blows Flight 002 out of the sky off the East coast, there is only one chilling clue. A body found near the crash site bears the deadly calling card of an elusive, lethal assassin--three bullets to the face. Michael Osbourne of the CIA knows the markings.
Personally. Propelled by an obsession that threatens to consume his career, his family, his life, Osbourne is now hot on the assassin's trail. But in a world of shadows and lies, intrigue and cover-up, the man with a mission puts himself and his loved ones in the sights of the most ruthless, diabolical assassin on earth. . . . (Catalog Summary)

Assured Response by Joe Weber
Agents Scott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan must stop a new and deadly terrorist before he destroys the United States.

The Camel Club by David Baldacci
The Camel Club is a four-man group of Washington, D.C. misfits, that meet weekly to discuss political conspiracies they believe exist and what actions they might take. One night club members witness the murder of Secret Service employee Patrick Johnson, thus thrusting the wacky crew into the middle of a bigger conspiracy than they could ever have imagined. (Catalog summary)

Kara Rockwell
Reference Librarian


Legal Limit by Martin Clark

(Publisher's Weekly Starred Review). Clark's profound and moving third novel (after Plain Heathen Mischief and Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living) explores the disparity between justice and jurisprudence. Mason Hunt, while visiting his mother at home in Virginia during his final year of law school, inadvertently becomes the sole witness to his deadbeat brother Gates's cold-blooded murder of a man on a back road in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the crime's aftermath, the brothers vow to keep their involvement secret. Years later, Gates is incarcerated for an unrelated crime, while Mason goes on to become a prestigious attorney. Then Mason's life is turned upside down when Gates, in a desperate attempt to free himself, turns state witness against Mason and accuses his brother of murder. Clark, a circuit-court judge, takes his storytelling prowess to the next level in what is his most substantial and thought-provoking work to date

Ann Haley