If you like The Client by John Grisham

Here are some titles of suspenseful books that I hope you will enjoy as much as you liked The Client by John Grisham:


The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney.
A photograph of a missing girl on a milk carton leads Janie on a search for her real identity.


The Trial by Jen Bryant.
Living in Flemington, New Jersey, in 1935, twelve-year-old Katie Leigh Flynn describes, in a series of poems, the effect on her small town of the ongoing trial of Bruno Hauptmann for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh's baby son.


Down the Rabbit Hole : an Echo Falls mystery by Peter Abrahams.
Like her idol Sherlock Holmes, eighth grader Ingrid Levin-Hill uses her intellect to solve a murder case in her home town of Echo Falls.

Behind the Curtain : an Echo Falls mystery by Peter Abrahams.
An avid Sherlock Holmes fan, eighth grader Ingrid Levin-Hill is
kidnapped while investigating mysterious happenings in her home town.

I am the Cheese by Robert Cormier.
A young boy desperately tries to unlock his past yet knows he must hide those memories if he is to remain alive.


Mississippi Trial, 1955 by by Chris Crowe.
In Mississippi in 1955, a sixteen-year-old finds himself at odds with
his grandfather over issues surrounding the kidnapping and murder of a fourteen-year-old African American from Chicago.