If you like "The Thief Lord"...

Thanks for using our Bookmatch service. Here are some books with mystery
and adventure that I've enjoyed. I hope one or two will sound good to

The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson.
After twelve-year-old Annika, a foundling living in late
nineteenth-century Vienna, inherits a trunk of costume jewelry, a woman
claiming to be her aristocratic mother arrives and takes her to live in
a strangely decrepit mansion in Germany.

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke.
After learning that humans are headed toward his hidden home, Firedrake,
a silver dragon, is joined by a brownie and an orphan boy in a quest to
find the legendary valley known as the Rim of Heaven, encountering
friendly and unfriendly creatures along the way, and struggling to evade
the relentless pursuit of an old enemy.

The Rope Trick by Lloyd Alexander.
Motivated by her quest to learn a legendary rope trick, the magician
Princess Lidi and her troupe embark on a journey through Renaissance
Italy that intertwines adventure, love, and mystery.

Benno's Bear by N.F. Zucker.
After he and his father are arrested as pickpockets, Benno is separated
from the bear he had raised and come to love when the bear is sent to a
zoo and Benno is taken in by a kindly policeman and his wife.

Martha Baden
Youth Services Librarian