If you like "The Trouble with Mary" by Millie Criswell...

Similar Title: The Trouble with Mary by Millie Criswell
Original question: Is this humor or romance? I don't know but I like the
combination of the two. Also, there was good sexual tension without a
lot of graphic description. Can you recommend another author who
combines humor and romance? I also like characters from Italian families but that's not essential.


"The Trouble With Mary" by Millie Criswell is a romance, but it IS
funny, isn't it? Do you know that there are three more titles by Ms.
Criswell in this series? "What to do About Annie", "The Trials of
Angela" and "Mad About Mia". These each take a minor character from the previous book and then tell her story. You should enjoy those also.
Did you know that Ms. Criswell lives in Spotsylvania county? She not
only writes funny, contemporary romances, but she's local as well.

Other contemporary or funny romances you might enjoy:

"Cupid and Diana" by Christina Bartolomeo features a thirtyish, vintage
clothing store owner who is juggling work, her nosey Catholic family and
maybe two Mr. Rights.

"Hot Stuff" by Elaine Fox. Another local (city of Fredericksburg)
author. In this title, D.C. tabloid journalist Laurel is attracted to
Joe, who sells coffee from a kiosk outside her office, but figures a
"coffee guy" isn't right for her. This one has a few fairly steamy
scenes but is very funny.

"I do I do I do" by Maggie Osborne. Jacques Villette is a total
scoundrel and disappears with Juliette's inheritance after their
wedding. She decides to track him down. Along the way, she finds two
other women he has married and treated badly. They join forces - can
Jacques possibly survive three wives, out for revenge?

"Becoming Georgia" by Emily Carmichael. In 1870, Georgia has to leave
the Arizona territories and go to Chicago to defend her right to her
grandfather's mine. She wants to get back to her beloved rugged
mountains but her grandfather is determined to turn his grand daughter
into a fine lady.

Maggie Needs an Alibi by Kasey Michaels. Maggie Kelley is a fairly
successful author of Regency romances. She is shocked to wake up one
day and find the hero of books come to life and sitting in her living

I hope some of these titles tickle your funny bone.

Meg Raymond