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If you like the Warriors series, by Erin Hunter.

Thanks for visiting our website and for your Book Match request. I really enjoyed the Warriors series! Also by Erin Hunter is the new Seekers series. Here are a few more titles you might enjoy:


The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison.

George has always felt burdened by his princely duties, and even more by the need to hide the magic through which he speaks with animals, but when he is betrothed to the strange princess of a neighboring kingdom, his secret, and the persecution of people like himself, must come to an end.


Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce.

Daine is a 13-year-old orphaned girl with an extraordinary talent for communicating with animals. The teenager is swept up in the first skirmishes of a war, and is forced to master her fears and learn how to marshall her magical abilities when the the mage Numair, the knight Alanna, and Queen Thayet enlist Daine's help to battle the dreadful immortal creatures that have recently begun to attack the kingdom of Tortall.


Beastly by Alex Flinn.

A modern retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" from the point of view of the Beast, a vain Manhattan private school student who is turned into a monster and must find true love before he can return to his human form.