If you like "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks...

Thank you for contacting the Central Rappahannock Regional Library for a
Book Match. We love connecting readers with just the right books.

You asked for inspirational fiction and said that you enjoyed "The
Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks.

With that in mind, I'd make the following suggestions:

"The Blue Bottle Club" by Penelope Stokes. A jaded TV reporter finds a
bottle where four young girls recorded their hopes and dreams on the eve
of the Depression and decides to find out how their lives turned out.

"Angel Light" by Andrew Greeley. Based on the book of Tobias from the
Old Testament, a computer programmer meets a guardian angel who helps
him find his perfect love.

"Republic of Love" by Carol Sheilds. She studies mermaids and has never
been married. He's three times divorced and a late-night talk show
host. How can it possibly work between them?

"Rose's Garden" by Carrie Brown. After his wife dies, Conrad finds his
life is bleak and grey. Until the day he discovers that there are
angels living in his garden.

All of these titles are available at the Central Rappahannock Regional
Library. If you have a library card with us, we'd be happy to put any
or all of them on hold for you. Please contact your nearest branch for

Hope you enjoy these titles.

Meg Raymond
Reference Librarian