Bodies in the Bog by James M. Deem

Bodies From The Bog

Do you like learning about mummies? Well, Bodies From the Bog, by James M. Deem, tells us about a type of mummy that you have probably never heard of before. One morning in April 1952, Danish workmen digging in a peat bog made an astonishing discovery. Their shovels struck the head of a dead man – his face flattened by the weight of the peat and his skin as brown as the earth in which he lay.  Who was he and how had he come to be there?

Scientists from a nearby museum examined him and confirmed that he was a type of mummy found in northern Europe, a “bog body,” and he had died more than 2000 years ago!  Many other bodies have also been found in bogs across Europe. It is believed by some that the early people of Europe thought that bogs could help them communicate with the supernatural world, so they offered objects –and sometimes human sacrifices– to the bog! This book helps explain how the bog preserved the bodies and how modern forensics tells us how these people died and even what they had last eaten. Bodies From the Bog has great pictures and cool facts for all you mummy experts.

This book would be great for tweens, who like things a “little gross.” The pictures/photographs are very clear and large enough for the tweens to see in a classroom setting, too. They will want to spend lots of time looking over the details and information inside. I would recommend this book especially to those interested in mummies and Ancient Egypt.