Body Language

By James W. Hall

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"When Alexandra Rafferty was a girl, something unspeakably cruel happened to her on a summer afternoon. Her father, a cop, knew about it, but nobody else did. Or, so she thought. Now a forensic photographer for the Miami P.D., Alexandra remains haunted by that horrible day, and it colors all of her relationships. Stan, her emotionally estranged and loutish husband, drives a Brinks armored car and has his own mindbending agenda.

"Her now aging, not-altogether-there father is more and more dependent and less and less dependable. And, her work photographing crime scenes has become a life-consuming obsession. Now Alexandra is about to get caught up in a gruesome series of rape/murders that seem to speak to her long-hidden past. But before she can understand the killer's message, her personal life spins out of control, sending Alexandra on the run -- from her husband, from the crooks after him, from a surprisingly persistent boyfriend, and from a killer who's bent on making sure Alexandra won't live long enough to translate his message."

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