Book Reviews Through the Catalog

Review what you are reading right through the library catalog! It's easy to set up an account and start reviewing in minutes.

1. Go to the library catalog, linked from the top right of every web page.

2. Search for the book that you would like to review.

3. Wait for the page to fully load. You will see a link that says "See reviews/add a review" under "Number of requests." Click on that.

4. Click on "Review this yourself."

5. Click on "Start a new reviews account" if this is your first time reviewing. You will create a user name and password. We strongly advise that you enter your email as well, so your password can be sent to you if you forget it.

Review account

6. Log in and then rate and review your book. Afterwards. you will see this message: "Your review has been saved. Reviews may be moderated before they appear in the catalog."

7. Your review should appear in the catalog within 24 hours.

8. You can always access your reviews by going into review a book. At the top of the pop-up screen, you will see your number of reviews