Loss of a Pet

Frances Hill

Neighborhood children imaginatively stage funerals for dead bugs, but they experience real sadness following the death of a pet. JE Hill

Suggested for ages 4 - 8

DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan

After a long life of chasing squirrels, licking ice cream cones, and loving his adoptive family, an old dog comes to the end of his days. JE Fic DiS

Suggested for ages 4 - 8

Shirley Hughes

The death of Bob's cat prompts his friends and family to give him a surprise birthday party and a very special present. JE Fic Hug

Suggested for ages 4 - 8

Cynthia Rylant

God created Cat Heaven, with fields of sweet grass where cats can play, kitty-toys for them to enjoy, and angels to rub their noses and ears. JE Fic Ryl

Suggested for ages 3 - 8

Cynthia Rylant

God created Dog Heaven, a place where dogs can eat ice cream biscuits, sleep on fluffy clouds, and run through unending fields. JE Fic Ryl

Suggested for ages 3 - 9

Bill Cochran and Dan Andreason (illustrator)
Mike and his dog Corky plan to be best friends forever, so when Corky becomes sick and dies, Mike is angry about the broken promise. JE Fic Coc.
Robie Harris

A boy grieves for his dead pet Mousie, helps to bury him, and begins to come to terms with his loss. JE Fic Har

Suggested for ages 4 - 8

Holly Keller

Ben blames his parents for the death of his dog, Max, and does not want the new puppy they brought home. JE Fic Kel

Suggested for ages 3 - 7

Miriam Cohen

When Jim's dog is killed, the other first graders are sad too and go through the same natural reactions. JE Fic Coh

Suggested for ages 4 - 8

Marianne Johnston

Describes the feelings that you might have when your pet dies and discusses how to cope with these feelings. J 155.937 Jo

Suggested for ages 4 - 8

Corinne Demas

When her dog Lulu dies, a girl grieves but then continues with her life. JE Fic Dem

Suggested for ages 4 - 8

Carrick, Carol
After his dog is hit by a truck and killed, Christopher must deal with his own feelings of depression and guilt. JE Fic Car.
Charlotte Zolotow

When a young boy finds his old dog dead one morning, he spends the rest of the day thinking about all the good times they had together. JE Fic Zol

Suggested for ages 3 - 7

Judith Viorst

In an attempt to overcome his grief, a boy tries to think of the ten best things about his dead cat. JE Fic Vio

Suggested for ages 5 - 8

Margaret Wild

When the family realizes that their old dog, Toby, is dying, they all express their love for him in different ways. JE Fic Wil

Suggested for ages 6 - 10

Emma Chichester Clark

When Arthur's dog Daisy dies, she watches over him from heaven and eventually helps him find a new puppy. JE Fic Chi

Suggested for ages 4 - 8