Explaining Death to Young Children

Cornelia Spelman

Because her mom's death causes six-year-old Charlotte to feel sad, mad, and scared, she and her dad visit a therapist who helps them acknowledge and express their feelings. JE Fic Spe

Suggested for ages 5 - 7

Susan Varley

Badger's friends are sad when he dies, but they treasure the legacies he left them. JE Fic Var

Suggested for ages 3 - 6

Nancy White Carlstrom

When her best friend, an old lady named Miss Lilly, passes away Sara learns that the memory of a loved one never dies. JE Fic Car

Suggested for ages 3 - 6

Sue Limb

Bessie misses her grandmother when she dies, but when Bessie grows up, she has a little girl of her own who looks and behaves just like Grandma. JE Fic Lim

Suggested for ages 4 - 7

Lucille Clifton

Everett Anderson has a difficult time coming to terms with his grief after his father dies. JE Fic Cli

Suggested for ages 4 - 7

Virginia Kroll

When Francie's Great-Granny Annabel dies of Alzheimer's disease, Francie finds a way to help people remember the real person rather than the shell she had become as the disease ran its course. JE Fic Kro

Suggested for ages 4 - 7

Joseph Bruchac

After the death of her Indian great-grandmother, Jamie remembers the many special things the old woman shared with her about the natural world. JE Fic Bru

Suggested for ages 7 - 11

E. Sandy Powell

Two friends who lose parents, one suddenly in an accident and one by illness, learn to deal with their grief. J155.937 Po

Suggested for ages 4 - 7

Jane Yolen

A boy asks others how they felt when his grandfather died and then shares his own feelings. JE Fic Yol

Suggested for ages 4 - 7

Marisabina Russo

Grandpa Abe enters Sarah's life as her grandmother's boyfriend, becomes her grandfather by marriage, and enriches her life before leaving it. JE Fic Rus

Suggested for ages 3 - 7

Barbara Ann Porte

Even though Harry's mother died when he was one, he still has loving family members who can tell him how brave and wonderful she was. JBR Por

Suggested for ages 3 - 7

Dan Schaefer

"Dr. Schaefer, working with child psychologists and trauma experts, and drawing on more than three decades of experience with families in crisis, has put together a practical guide for anyone who works or lives with children -- parents, care-givers, counselors, or teachers -- for dealing with children's inevitable questions about loss and change, life and death." adult 155.937 Sc

Elizabeth Weitzman

Provides advice on surviving the death of a parent and suggests what feelings and behavior to expect from others. J155.937 We

Suggested for ages 5 - 7

Tomie DePaola

Four-year-old Tommy enjoys his relationship with both his grandmother and great-grandmother, but eventually learns to face their inevitable deaths. JE Fic DeP

Suggested for ages 4 - 7

Jane Breskin Zalben

A young girl copes with the death of her grandfather by remembering all the things she loved about him. Includes information about funeral customs of various religions. JE Fic Zal

Suggested for ages 3 - 7

Karen Hesse

On her first summer visit to her grandmother since her grandfather's death, Leah is saddened by his absence, but Gramm helps her learn how to remember Poppy with joy. JE Fic Hes

Suggested for ages 3 - 7

Jane Resh Thomas

Seven-year-old Suzie is curious and fearful about what Grandma's funeral will be like. J155.937 Th

Suggested for ages 5 - 7

Mem Fox

As Sophie grows bigger and her grandfather gets smaller, they continue to love each other very much. JE Fic Fox

Suggested for ages 3 - 7

Michelle Edwards

Pa Lia and her classmates share memories of Stinky Stern, the second-grade bully, after he dies in a bike accident. J Fic Edw

Suggested for ages 6 - 9

Earl A. Grollman

"Whether through war, a natural disaster, or the serious illness of a loved one or pet, many children must face the reality of death much sooner than their parents would like. This book is designed to help parents and children talk about this difficult time." adult 155.937 Gr

Maria Shriver

After her great-grandmother's death, a young girl learns about heaven by asking her mother all kinds of questions. JE Fic Shr

Suggested for ages 4 - 7