Explaining Divorce

Linda Walvoord Girard

Although her parents' divorce causes her to feel anger, concern, and sadness, Katie discovers that she can keep a loving relationship with her father even though he lives apart from her. JE Fic Gir

Suggested for ages 5 - 8

Laurene Krasny Brown

Text and illustrations of dinosaur characters introduce aspects of divorce such as its causes and effects, living with a single parent, spending holidays in two separate households, and adjusting to a stepparent. J306.89 Br

Suggested for ages 4 - 8

Fred Rogers

From Mr. Rogers' "Let's talk about it" series. J 306.89 Ro

Suggested for ages 3 - 8

Aylette Jenness

Photographs and text depict the lives of seventeen families from around the country, some with step relationships, divorce, gay parents, foster siblings, and other diverse components. J306.85 Je

Suggested for ages 8 - 13

Elizabeth Weitzman

Offers basic advice on how to deal with parents' divorce, including coping with feelings and adjusting to stepfamilies. J306.89 We

Suggested for ages 8 - 10

Cornelia Spelman

Dinah Bear feels sad and scared when her parents say they are going to divorce. JE Fic Spe

Suggested for ages 3 - 6

Martha Whitmore Hickman

Robert is embarrassed to admit to his classmates that he has lived with his grandparents ever since his parents' divorce. JE Fic Hic

Suggested for ages 5 - 8