Presidents' Day

Marc Tolon Brown

Arthur's essay wins a contest, and he has to read it to the President in a special ceremony at the White House.

Kenneth C. Davis

Which president was also a movie star? Readers can learn about the presidents' political achievements, their nicknames, hobbies--even what kind of foods they ate.

Joseph Nathan Kane

Statistics and facta about the presidents. Perfect for answering or making up trivia questions.

Amy Pastan

From Martha Washington to Hillary Clinton, "Eyewitness Books" introduces readers to all of the nation's First Ladies in the White House. Includes illustrations of objects and rare photos that reveal the impact of the presidents' wives on the events during their time periods.

George Sullivan

A behind-the-scenes look at life in the official residence of the president of the United States, describing how the staff and facilities affect his daily life.

Laurie Calkhoven

From George Washington to Barack Obama, this child's is a child's perfect introduction to all of the U.S. Presidents. On every spread, readers will learn about the Presidents' childhoods, families, careers, accomplishments in office, and life after the White House. Famous quotes, major events, and fun facts are all included.

Peter Roop

With a question-and-answer format, this book shares with young readers a history of the holiday and how it is celebrated today. Also includes facts about the White House, the First Ladies, kids in the White House and more.

Kathleen Krull
Presents the lives of the presidents, focusing on their roles as parents, husbands, pet owners, and neighbors, while also including humorous anecdotes about hairstyles, attitudes, diets, fears, and sleep patterns.
Now fully updated, this entertaining glance at presidential history includes new chapters and artwork for Barack Obama and George W. Bush, along with a fabulous new jacket and refreshed design.
Ann Bausum

Follows the nation's chief executives through wars, depressions, civil rights movements, and the race to space, giving a sense of each man, his life, and his time.

Syl Sobel

This fun-to-read book for young readers presents the legal requirements for electing a president, as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. Kids also learn about a variety of other political aspects of the government, and how to get involved.

Martin W. Sandler

This books offers a fascinating look into the past at some of the most important events in our country's history through the pictures stored in the Library of Congress' vast archives.

James G. Barber
"Discover the presidents who shaped American history from the Founding Fathers to today's leaders."
Anne Rockwell
Mrs. Madoff's class learns about Presidents' Day and puts on a play about the men who inspired the holiday, particularly those featured on Mount Rushmore.
Lynn Peppas
What began as a day to celebrate the birthday of George Washington, the first president of the United States of America, has grown to include every other president to serve as leader of the country. Learn all about Presidents' Day, from its earliest beginnings to how Americans celebrate this occasion today. Children will love this easy-to-understand introduction of this important national holiday.
Margaret McNamara

It's the week of Presidents' Day, and the kids in Mrs. Connor's class learn fun facts about presidents past and present in honor of the holiday.

James W. Baker

Here's an idea for a class project.
This book teaches how to perform magic tricks revolving around a Presidents' Day theme.

Lynn Curlee

Learn how this patriotic shrine and tourist attraction was conceived, designed, and created by the dedicated artist Gutzon Borglum.

David Rubel

Each U.S. president's story unfolds in historical context in a graphically exciting, single-volume encyclopedia created especially for young readers. With one page allotted for each year of a president's term (including Clinton), students learn accomplishments and disappointments of each president, plus how the nation grew during each administration.

Judith St. George and David Small (illustrator)

Rollicking cartoon caricatures animate this clever collection of quirky tidbits and all-too-human facts about those 41 white males that we have come to know as "President."

Rebecca Jones

Nothing stuns the country like the death of its leader. Four U.S. presidents have been killed in office, and attempts have been made on six other presidents' lives. These events are covered in a highly readable style, with fascinating details about the assailants and the attacks, straightforward presentation of conspiracy theories, and abundant use of prints and photographs from newspapers and magazines.

Nancy Winslow Parker

Who are the president's closest advisors?
This book outlines the purpose and historical development of the President's cabinet, and explains the functions of each cabinet post.

Edith P. Mayo

Illustrated with photos and artwork from the Smithsonian Institution, this essential volume not only documents the lives of the presidents' wives (or official hostesses), it also explores these 45 women's achievements in the White House and beyond.

Was the White House always white? Did someone actually burn down the White House? Is it true that a person went skinny-dipping in a White House fountain? More than 200 years old, the White House is no ordinary house. The site of many significant moments in American history, this is certainly a home of great importance. Get an insider's tour of the president's mansion, with the fun facts, stories, and photos.
Richard M. Pious

An alphabetical listing and explanation of terms relating to the Presidency, including the presidents and vice-presidents, the White House, presidential history, powers, policymaking, agencies, theories, advisors, accountability, and elections.