Sharon Dunn Umnick

Egg carton tulips, bunny puppets, and Victorian eggs let everyone share in the fun and joy of Easter. Bright photographs and simple directions for these and many other crafts.

Pamela Kennedy

Why do we gobble up fluffy bunnies and colored eggs on Easter? Learn the history of the symbols of the season. Illustrated with beautiful art and photography from around the world.

Anne Mortimer
Bunny is exhausted after spending the night hiding eggs for the Easter egg hunt, but she cannot find a comfortable, quiet place to sleep.
William Joyce
E. Aster Bunnymund uses his martial arts skills, his network of tunnels, and the help of MiM, Sand Mansnoozy, and Nicholas St. North to battle the Nightmare King, Pitch, who has sent a venomous serpent to attack Bunnymund's royal guard of warrior eggs.
Judith Hoffman Corwin

Easter things to copy, color, and cut out.

Mary Chalmers

When the Easter animals gather for a springtime parade, everyone gets an Easter basket.

Catherine Stock

Easter at the cabin by the lake! Much fun and many surprises await this brother and sister during their celebration.

Elizabeth Winthrop (editor)

The story of the crucifixation and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Based on the King James version of the Bible.

Edna Barth

Learn the history of joyful and hope-filled Easter symbols.

Lauren Thompson

Tells how Jesus taught people to love, how he was crucified for his teachings, and how his resurrection brought hope to the world.

Rosemary Wells

Max and his sister Ruby go on an Easter egg hunt. They both want the prize--a chocolate chicken. Mmmmm.

Kevin Henkes

Every treat in Owen's Easter basket is happily consumed, until he comes to the yellow marshmallow chick. A complete character study is conveyed in just a few words and pictures.

Nancy Dickmann

Introduces Easter, including the history of the holiday, why it is important, and how it is celebrated today.
Lee este libro para aprender acerca de las diferentes maneras de celebrar la Pascua.

Patricia Polacco

An injured goose rescued by Babushka, having broken the painted eggs intended for the Easter Festival in Moscva, lays thirteen marvelously colored eggs to replace them, then leaves behind one final miracle in egg form before returning to her own kind.

Steven Kroll

Poor Wilbur, the Easter Bunny, gets so sick that he almost misses his Easter deliveries.

Eric A. Kimmel

A girl and her grandfather find dozens of golden birds buried in an early snow storm. Their fellow villagers shelter them through the winter and are rewarded with a beautiful surprise in the spring.

Charlotte Zolotow

"Where ARE the other rabbits?" A lonely rabbit searches for others of his kind from summer through winter, until spring arrives and he finds one special bunny.

Du Bose Heyward

The big, strong rabbits laugh at the country bunny when she tells them she wants to become the Easter bunny, but she is determined to try.

Shirley Taylor

Having met Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and followed him to Jerusalem, Rabbit experiences the wonder of the Resurrection and gives away colored eggs to remind children of the gift of eternal life.

Priscilla Friedrich and Otto Friedrich

One spring the Easter Bunny slept right through Easter. He didn't wake up until Mother's Day and nobody wanted Easter eggs then, or on the Fourth of July, or Halloween. On Christmas eve Santa Claus gave him a present so he'd be sure to be on time the next year.

Jan Brett

Hoppi the bunny wants to win the egg-decorating contest so the Easter Bunny will choose him to help distribute Easter eggs, but instead, while everyone else is working on their decorations, he finds himself guarding an egg that has fallen from a robin's nest.

Gennady Spirin (paintings)

Bible verses tell the Easter story from Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem through his passion and resurrection, to his appearance to his disciples.

Margaret Wise Brown and Leonard Weisgard (illustrator)

What could be in the small white egg? Little bunny doesn't know, but he is certainly curious.

Aileen Fisher

Easter and other spring celebrations bring new life and new hope in the hearts of the people. Lovely folk art paintings illustrate the spring rituals. Includes a recipe for hot cross buns and instructions for decorating Easter eggs.

Tana Hoban

Little ones will enjoy following a young rabbit's search for his own Easter basket. Told with photographs and verse.