Valentine's Day

Valerie Wilson Wesley

"It's back-to-school time, and Willimena will be in a new class with new kids and a new teacher. Her know-it-all big sister Tina advised Willimena to just smile and be nice. But when the class bully "mean Irene" jumps in Willimena's face, what can she do?"
Book 5 of the Willimena Rules series.

Laura Malone Elliott
Sam's friend Mary Ann helps him make a special valentine for Tiffany, but when Tiffany does not even notice it, Sam realizes who is really special. Includes facts about the history of Valentine's Day.
Wendy Watson

Love songs and rhymes are accompanied by illustrations of a family's celebration of Valentine's Day.

Kathy Ross

Provides instructions for creating a variety of Valentine's Day crafts, including cards, bookmarks, bracelets, Valentine holders, magnets, and more.

Charles M. Schulz
"The good times begin with a certain big-nosed beagle playing Cupid and does not stop until Charlie Brown opens his mailbox one last, eager time. Homemade Valentine's, class parties, the tug of romance and the allure of chocolate set the mood for these school children."
Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton
Dumpy the Dump Truck delivers valentines when the mail truck breaks down on Valentine's Day.
Gregory Maguire

The students' scheme to find a love match for their beloved teacher on Valentine's Day turns into a comedy of errors when four stupid cupids from Ancient Greece try to help.

Jonathan London

As Valentine's Day approaches, Froggy thinks that he is falling in love with the new girl in class, but his feelings change when she gives him their first kiss.

Carol Barkin and Elizabeth James

Presents a short history of Valentine's Day and includes recipes for appropriate foods and deserts and instructions for making Valentines and other decorations.

Sheri Brownrigg

Lavender wands, Trinker Bows, and Red Hot Cinnamon Tea are just a few of the crafts and recipes presented here.

Jean Marzollo

Simple riddles are paired with ten Valentine's Day-themed photographs, and encourages the reader to locate candy, hearts, and more within the crowded images.

Kevin Henkes

Lilly loves her chocolate heart so much, she might never eat it - or will she?

Else Holmelund Minarik

Little Bear looks forward to giving his mother a valentine and to figuring out who the secret admirer is who sent him one.

Thacher Hurd

After several unsuccessful attempts to give his special valentine to someone, Little Mouse finally finds just the right recipient.

Robin West

Includes recipes and craft ideas for Valentine's Day celebrations and information about the holiday.

Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Nate the Great investigates two cases that may be connected, involving a missing valentine and a valentine that came from nowhere.

Maryann Cocca-Leffler
It's finally Valentine’s Day, and a kindergartner is eager to hand out the special valentines she’s made. Count along from 1 to 10 as she gives out hearts to everyone she loves.
Nancy Poydar

Ruby's homemade valentines blow away while she is walking to school, but she figures out a way to give everyone a valentine anyway.

Laurie B. Friedman

Ruby invites everyone to a grand Valentine's Day party at her mountaintop home, but when a blizzard keeps her guests away, she decides to take the carefully planned party into town.

Robert Sabuda (author and illustrator)

Recounts an incident in the life of St. Valentine, a physician who lived some 200 years after Christ, in which he treated a small child for blindness.

Robert Newton Peck

As Valentine's Day approaches their Vermont town of Learning, Soup and Rob experience several forms of love.

Coleen Murtagh Paratore

Despite facing a host of problems, old and new, optimistic third-grader Sunny continues her quest to create a national Kid's Day and improve other holidays, especially the upcoming Valentine's Day, while bringing joy to those around her.

Bruce Hale

Chet Gecko and his partner Natalie Attired try to find a missing valentine and the winning ticket to a fantastic dessert.

Eve Bunting

Mrs. Bear plans a surprise Valentine's Day celebration for Mr. Bear despite their usual hibernating habits at that time of year.

selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins
"From heart-shaped sandwiches to hidden love notes, there's a valentine here for everyone!"
Reagan Miller

Every February 14th, people celebrate love and friendship by exchanging cards, flowers, and gifts, all in the name of Saint Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this holiday? Young readers will discover the meanings behind Valentine's Day symbols such as hearts, red roses, and cupid. Readers will also learn how people around the world celebrate this holiday.

Dorothy Goeller
Beginning readers find out how many hearts are just enough for a Valentine's Day card.
Gerónimo Stilton

"It was Valentine's Day in New Mouse City, and I couldn't wait to celebrate! I had sent valentine cards to all my friends and family members. But when I opened my mailbox on the morning of February 14th, it was empty! Had everyone forgotten about me? Was I destined to spend Valentine's Day alone in my mousehole, sobbing, with only my pet fish to console me? It was starting to look like a true Valentine's Day disaster!"