Conquer the Stars! Military Science Fiction

John Ringo

"With the Earth in the path of the rapacious Posleen, the peaceful and friendly races of the Galactic Federation offer their resources to help the backward Terrans -- for a price. Humanity now has three worlds to defend. As Earth's armies rush into battle and special operations units scout alien worlds, the humans begin to learn a valuable lesson: You can protect yourself from your enemies, but may the Lord save you from your allies."
The beginning of an alien invasion series, part of which (Gust Front) takes place in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


Keith Laumer and William H. Keith, Jr.

Sentient tanks take on packs of four-armed dinosaurs on a backwater colony planet. First of a series.

David Drake

A soldier returns to his wife and family through the length and darkness of space to discover the unforeseen battles that await him. Part of the Hammer's Slammers series.

Gordon R. Dickson
Donal Graeme, a talented warrior from a planet of professional soldiers, goes out to seek his fortune among the Fourteen Worlds.
E. E. "Doc" Smith

Virgil Samms is the first human to be gifted by the Arisians with a lens that gives him telepathic powers. He will need them-- together with the newly-formed Galactic Patrol-- to put paid to the planet-conquering Eddorians.

William C. Dietz

"For the poor, hardworking citizens of the confederacy's fringe worlds, the Guild Wars have exacted a huge toll. Swayed by the promise of financial rewards, a new batch of recruits joins the fight alongside a slew of mysteriously docile criminals--and a few dubious military leaders. Eighteen-year-old Jim Raynor, full of testosterone and eager to make things right at home, ships off to boot camp and finds his footing on the battlefield, but he soon discovers that the official mission is not what he's really fighting for. For the first time ever, StarCraft enthusiasts will learn the origins of the enduring friendship between the young upstart Jim Raynor and the streetwise soldier Tychus Findlay..."

Jerry Pournelle
Soldiers are rescued from certain death in an African civil war by aliens. They are transported to the planet Tran where they discover the reason for their hosts' merciful intervention.
David Feintuch

When his senior officers are killed, a young midshipman finds himself in charge of a damaged ship and the safety of three hundred colonists.

David Weber

Young Commander Harrington's brilliance annoys her superiors who sweep her to the frontier backwater of Basilisk Station. There she finds unexpected opportunity for to display her talents for command. Shades of Horatio Hornblower.

Poul Anderson

In a war waged against Black Magic, the fact that Steve is a werewolf and his wife is a highly skilled witch is not unusual. But their adventures prove very unusual, even for their world, when they are given the task of neutralizing an enemy's ultimate weapon--the world's most powerful demon. Also look for the sequel, Operation Luna.

Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon
When space pirates captured a little girl named Sassinak and murdered her parents, they had no idea they were sowing the seeds of their own destruction.
Robert A. Heinlein
Follows the career of Juan Rico from boot camp to the battle zones. In this world of Heinlein's, citizenship must be earned through military service. Winner of the Hugo Award.
Ken MacLeod

Ellen May Ngewthu leads her division in valiant effort to overthrow the godlike post-humans who were transformed with high technology centuries ago.

Anne McCaffrey and S. M. Stirling

Simeon's broken physical body has been cast aside, leaving his brain to become the sentience of a peaceful space station-- peaceful, that is, until the station is attacked.

Joe Haldeman

Private William Mandella discovers his military service on faster that light ships makes for battles across centuries and difficult personal relationships. Winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards.

John Scalzi
"The Ghost Brigades are the Special Forces of the Colonial Defense Forces, elite troops created from the DNA of the dead and turned into the perfect soldiers for the CDF's toughest operations. They're young, they're fast and strong, and they're totally without normal human qualms. The universe is a dangerous place for humanity--and it's about to become far more dangerous. Three races that humans have clashed with before have allied to halt our expansion into space. Their linchpin: the turncoat military scientist Charles Boutin, who knows the CDF's biggest military secrets. To prevail, the CDF must find out why Boutin did what he did. Jared Dirac is the only human who can provide answers--a superhuman hybrid, created from Boutin's DNA, Jared's brain should be able to access Boutin's electronic memories. But when the memory transplant appears to fail, Jared is given to the Ghost Brigades. At first, Jared is a perfect soldier, but as Boutin's memories slowly surface Jared begins to intuit the reasons for Boutin's betrayal."
Poul Anderson
Aliens land on the green and pleasant fields of medieval England and get more than they bargained for. The bow may not be mightier than the ray-gun, but English hearts are made of stouter stuff than the invaders from space imagined!
Larry Niven

When the tiger-like race of the Kzinti encounter peaceful humans in an unarmed starship, they mistakenly believe they have found yet more easy prey.

Lois McMaster Bujold

Having flunked the physical and thus washed out of the Barraryan military academy, Miles Vorkosigan grabs a jump-ship to become the leader of a mercenary force.

Harry Turtledove
This is the first part of a four-book alternative history set during World War II. Pearl Harbor was bombed, Panzers rolled through Paris--and then the real enemy lands.
Can the combined forces of all the Earth's armies stop the invading aliens?