It's Elementary! Geometry for Grade School Students


Games that guide learning about abstract thinking, circuitry, geometry, and topology.

Catherine Sheldrick Ross
"Mathematics comes alive with Circles, a comic, full-color activity book. By playing with a flying disk, a geodesic dome, psychedelic designs, and more, kids teach themselves such concepts as pi, ellipses, and parabolas. Circles reveals the geometry of life in mazes, magic, pinwheels, pickles, and more."
Jo Phillips

A few folds of paper reveal mysteries of the triangles.

Lynette Long

"Inside Groovy Geometry, you’ll find all the geometry basics, plus information on how to figure out the height of any object from its shadow, find distances "as the crow flies," estimate the area of any space, and much more. While you play the Name Game and Rectangle Race, you’ll learn how to draw, measure, and identify different kinds of angles, triangles, and quadrilaterals. And with fun activities like Bull’s Eye and Pizza Party, you’ll practice plotting coordinate points on a graph and measuring the area and diameter of a circle. Most important, you’ll have a great time doing it!"
Part of the Magical Math series.

Janice VanCleave

"Packed with illustrations, Geometry for Every Kid uses simple problems and activities to teach about acute and obtuse angles, parallel and perpendicular lines, plane and space figures, and much more! By arranging the pieces of an intriguing Chinese puzzle called a tangram, you'll explore all the different shapes you can form. You'll also learn how to create a colorful 3-D drawing that seems to rise right off the page! And, by building a geoboard, you'll discover a quick, fun way to compare the area of different geometric figures."

Rose Wyler and Mary Elting
Puzzles to solve using principles of geometry.
Part of the Math Fun series.
David A. Adler
An introduction to geometric shapes using slices of cheese, pretzel sticks, and pencil and paper.
Eiji Orii and Masako Orii
Presents experiments demonstrating properties of circles and loops made of cloth, paper, and string.
Part of the series, Simple Science Experiments.
Cindy Neuschwander
Assisted by his knight, Sir Cumference, and using ideas offered by his wife and son, King Arthur finds the perfect shape for his table.
Cindy Neuschwander

Radius is on a quest to earn his knighthood! With only a circular medallion, a mysterious poem, and his own wits to guide him, he must find and rescue a missing king. Includes plastic protractor.

Cindy Neuschwander

Sir Cumference, Radius, and Sir Vertex search for Edgecalibur, the sword that King Arthur has hidden in a geometric solid.