Tiger Tracks

Charlotte Zolotow

Thomas is too shy to go out and make friends. But things change on Halloween when he puts on his tiger costume and goes out into the neighborhood.

Joan Hewett

Tara is a very cute newborn Bengal tiger who grows up and learns to live with the adult tigers at the wild animal park.

William Faulkner
Greedily protecting his pear tree and spring from the other animals, Brer Tiger refuses to share until clever Brer Rabbit devises a plan to create a "big wind" that will blow in a lesson about generosity.
[From the publisher's description]
Kate Banks

"Dark is just the other side of light. It's what comes before dreams."
Mother tiger soothes her cub who doesn't want to go to sleep. A good choice to share with young ones in the tradition of The Runaway Bunny.

Robert Kraus and Jose Aruego
Leo the tiger cub doesn't seem to be good at doing anything in particular, but supported with his parents' love and patience he does eventually bloom and find his place in the world.
Phyllis Root
Jessica is sent to bed early for her mischievous ways but she's soon off on a flight of imagination with the mysterious Moon Tiger.
Marcia Brown

"No one shall tell me that I was once a mouse!" roars the tiger. But an old hermit, mighty at magic, does tell him; for it was he who first changed the tiger from a wretched little mouse to a stout cat, to a big dog, and finally, to his proud and royal self.
[From the publisher's description]

Eve Bunting
This tiger ride is no flight of fun fantasy and is for older readers. A new boy in town decides to hang with a swaggering tiger until he realizes the animal is more terrifying than magnificent. Danny realizes it's much harder to get off the tiger's back than to get on. This book presents an allegory for gang involvement.
Julius Lester
An old trickster story is refreshed with new words and illustrations for the fun of today's young audiences.
Malachy Doyle

"This magical, tender tale about a girl, a tiger and a great-grandmother is a joyous dance through the changing seasons. From the moment the book is opened, we are invited into woodland suffused with moonlight and, as the tiger's story is revealed in all its beautiful simplicity, we are left pondering the power of the imagination, the importance of self-expression and the special nature of a relationship across the generations."
[From the publisher's description]

Helen Bannerman; illustrated by Fred Marcellino
Little Babaji's encounters with fierce tigers in the forest ends with a satisfying pancake dinner for his family.
Frances Temple
After tricking Tiger into leaving the coconut-mango soup he has been cooking, Anansi the spider eats the soup himself and manages to put the blame on the monkeys.
[From the publisher's description]
Ted Lewin

Riding on the back of an elephant, the author tours a wildlife park in India, observing the hunting behavior of a mother tiger.
[From the publisher's description]

Peter Murray
A good choice for upper elementary students who want to learn more about these fascinating animals.
Helen Crowcher
A tigress and her cubs leave a game preserve to hunt. Villagers, upset by the loss of their livestock, want to poison the creatures, but the game warden has another solution.