April Fools

Lauren Baratz-Logsted with Greg Logsted & Jackie Logsted
April Fools' Day is long and hard for the third-grade Huit octuplets, but it is nothing compared to the challenges of Tax Day, through which Jackie discovers her special power and gift and learns more about their parents' mysterious disappearance.
Gregory Maguire

At a Vermont elementary school, April Fools' Day takes on a sinister tone when a teacher goes missing and several suspects emerge, among them the teacher's fiance and a missing mutant chick.

Karen Gray Ruelle

In this book for beginning readers, a family of kitty cats think up silly but safe tricks to play on each other for April Fools Day.

Melissa Schiller

Readers learn about some of the many ways the holiday is celebrated around the world today, such as getting a paper fish taped to your back (France), throwing flour at your friends (Portugal), eating your meals backward by starting with dessert, and telling jokes and funny stories.

Teresa Bateman

The kids try to convince their no-nonsense Grandpa that the farm animals are running wild in this silly rhyming book.

Else Holmelund Minarik

Little Bear and his friends have fun on April Fools Day.

Emily Kelley

"Explains the customs and traditions connected with the merry pranks of April fooling, and provides several versions of how April Fools' Day came about."

Marc Brown

Arthur is supposed to do a magic show for the school assembly on April Fool's Day, but how can he remember his tricks when Binky the bully has him worried?

Frank Modell

"Marvin loves to play jokes on his friend Milton, but on April Fool's Day, Milton just won't be fooled."

James Stevenson
The animals living on Mud Flat have lots of silly ideas for the perfect April Fool's Day trick. But sometimes those great jokes can backfire on the jokesters!
Kate McMullan

April Fools' Day is not a happy one for Wagner the mouse because his best friend, Pearl the rabbit, and other children and adults at school keep tricking him.

Laura McGee Kvasnosky

It's springtime, and little sister Ivy wants to prove she can keep a secret, but there are some secrets that are too good to keep. Big sister Zelda longs to play the perfect April Fool's Day prank, but can she outsmart the clever Ivy? And will opera star hopeful Zelda be upstaged by a butterfly in the final act? Fresh and funny, full of sugar and sass, this trio of tales about everyday life with siblings and friends is sure to strike a chord with young readers everywhere.