Books for Apple Jacks and Jills

Leslie Tryon

Albert leads the third grade class on a memorable field trip to an apple farm, where they pick apples, watch apples being processed into apple juice, and eat apple pies.

Jennifer Storey Gillis

Filled with more than 20 apple facts, games, puzzles, crafts, recipes, even apple mint growing information, this book is perfect for families and teachers.

Claudia Schnieper

Follows an apple tree through the four seasons, detailing the yearly growth cycle and examining the ecosystem of the entire apple orchard.

Trinka Hakes Noble

In 1881, when their apple tree is felled by a storm just before Christmas, a young farm girl and her family discover that the tree was important to each of them for different reasons.

Ann Turner

The Clark family keeps busy through all four seasons at their apple orchard, pruning dead branches at the end of winter, carrying the beehives among the trees in May, propping up branches heavy with summer fruit, and harvesting the apples in the fall.

Anne Rockwell

A family visits the Comstock farm to pick apples and choose a pumpkin to carve for Halloween night.

Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Members of the Rabbit family visit an apple orchard, where they have fun picking apples and discovering their many uses. Includes a recipe for applesauce, directions for a craft activity, and sayings about apples.

Marjorie Priceman

Since the market is closed, the reader is led around the world to gather the ingredients for making an apple pie. Includes recipe.

Marianna Mayer

The evil giant Thiassi vows to capture Iduna and her magic apples which give the gods on Valhalla everlasting life

Roger Lea MacBride

A year after moving to their farm in the Ozarks, Laura and Almanzo Wilder and their young daughter, Rose, have settled into their new home with a successful vegetable harvest and the beginnings of an apple orchard.

Stephen Vincent Benet and Rosemary Benet

A poem describing Johnny Appleseed's appearance and actions.

David L. Harrison

While visiting a pioneer family, Johnny Appleseed tells his story to the children –the truth and the myths!

Brigitte Weninger

In simple words accompanied by vivid pictures, a child describes the life cycle of the apple and expresses her gratitude for this small but wonderful miracle of nature.

Diane Mayr

Learn all that is involved in growing apples--covering planting, pollination, harvesting, different varieties, and more.

Paulette Bourgeois

"From growing seeds to cooking candy apples, this book gets to the core of its subject. Readers learn about varieties of apples, orchard management, the apple in history, ancient apple legends, and the true story of Johnny Appleseed. There are recipes, puzzles and nutritional information."

Gail Gibbons

As the seasons pass, Arnold enjoys a variety of activities as a result of his apple tree. Includes a recipe for apple pie and a description of how an apple cider press works.