Folktales of the American Indians

Gerald McDermott

An adaptation of the Pueblo Indian myth which explains how the spirit of the Lord of the Sun was brought to the world of men.

Michael Rosen

Hawk rescues an abandoned crow's nest, and when the baby birds hatch, Crow returns to claim her children but finds that they want to stay with the only mother they've ever known.

Paul Goble

Crow Chief always warns the buffalo that hunters are coming, until Falling Star, a savior, comes to camp, tricks Crow Chief, and teaches him that all must share and live like relatives together.

Paul Owen Lewis

When the frogs suddenly vanish from the lake behind her village, a young Native American girl is led to the frog village underneath the lake and learns what she must do to save both the frogs and her own people.

Eagle Walking Turtle

Grandpa Iron tells thirteen stories, one for each full moon of the year, that convey some of the traditions and beliefs of Native Americans, particularly his Arapaho people.

Paul Goble

Iktomi the trickster tries to fool a buzzard into carrying him across the river on the buzzard's back.

Paul Goble

After outwitting some ducks, Iktomi, the Indian trickster, is outwitted by Coyote.

Paul Goble

Iktomi the trickster has trouble after losing his eyes (temporarily!) when he greedily misuses a magical trick.

Paul Goble

A gift to a shy young man from the birds and animals helps him to express his love to a beautiful girl.

Shonto Begay

A lazy, conniving coyote takes advantage of all his animal cousins until a horned toad teaches him a lesson he never forgets.

Edward Field (editor)

A collection of poems based on songs and stories gathered by Knud Rasmussen on the Fifth Thule Expedition, which recorded Inuit legends about the universe and its creation.

Lois Ehlert

When Fox tells Mole she must move out of her tunnel to make way for a new path, Mole finds an ingenious way to save her home.

Vee Browne

Twelve-year-old twins use their weapons, lightning arrows and magic feathers, to defend their village from the Monster Birds.

Nancy Lyn Rudolph

Masks that are simple and fast to make with materials usually found around the house. Could be used for school or scout projects.

Valerie Scho Carey

Quail grows tired of trying to teach hungry Coyote her beautiful song, so she plays a trick on him.

Susan Hand Shetterly

Explains how Raven made the earth, animals, moon, and sun.

Gerald McDermott

Raven, a Pacific Coast Indian trickster, sets out to find the sun.

Beverly Brodsky

Sedna, mother of all sea animals, tells the story of her life and helps the starving Inuit.

Ramona Maher

Eleven Inuit legends and tales from the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions include "How Thunder and Lightning Came to Be," "The Hardhearted Rich Man," and "The Sea Otter Girl."

Dale DeArmond

Three stories tell of how a magic gift allows a young boy to bring light to the world and how a famous trickster got tricked himself. In the last story, a boy makes a journey to the edge of day, where earth and sky meet, and releases many animals, plants, and forces of nature into the world.
Includes a glossary of unfamiliar Inuit words.

Joseph Bruchac

A collection of traditional Iroquois tales in which animals learn about the importance of caring and responsibility and the dangers of selfishness and pride.

John Bierhorst (Editor)

Eighteen Inuit folktales from an ancient oral tradition filled with magic and animals who can become people.
Includes notes on the Inuit culture.

Joseph Bruchac

A quarrel between the first man and the first woman is settled when the Sun causes strawberries to grow out of the earth.

Michael Lacapa

When a young man goes away on his first hunt, his sweetheart is sure he has forgotten her and dies of a broken heart. He returns to show his love for her the only way he can.

John Bierhorst

Stories from the Northwest Coast, California, the Plains, the North Woods, the Southwest, and Alaska.

Tomie DePaola

A retelling of the Comanche Indian legend of how a little girl's sacrifice brought the flower called bluebonnet to Texas.

Tomie DePaola

The legend of how the Indian paintbrush, the state flower of Wyoming, first bloomed, and how a young brave dreams of creating a painting that will capture the beauty of a sunset.

Paul Goble

A Lakota Indian legend in which the White Buffalo Woman presents her people with the Sacred Calf Pipe which gives them the means to pray to the Great Spirit.

Ekkehart Malotki

Two starving orphans in a drought-stricken village follow a magic hummingbird on a quest to bring rain to their people

Ellen Jackson

A retelling of part of a Navajo creation and evolution myth in which of all the animals the lowly snail alone is responsible for bringing pure water to the new land.

Carrie J. Taylor

When the buffalo herds fail to appear one spring, a village in the Black Hills of South Dakota finds itself in turmoil: the people grow selfish, and the elders lose their authority. But a beautiful woman comes, bearing a message of hope.

John Steptoe

The gifts of Magic Frog and his own hopeful and unselfish spirit bring Jumping Mouse finally to the Far-Off Land where no mouse goes hungry.

Joseph Bruchac

When cornmeal is stolen from an elderly couple, the others in a Cherokee village find a way to drive off the thief, creating the Milky Way in the process.

John Bierhorst

Tells how the creation of the world was begun by a woman who fell down to earth from the sky country, and how it was finished by her two sons Sapling and Flint.

Rosebud Yellow Robe

A collection of animal tales first told by the Plains Indians, interwoven with factual information about the Lakota people.

Gail Haley

Boy finds his wild brother under the surface of the river and pulls him out onto land, where Wild Boy begins to lead him astray into trouble.