Play with Clay

Christine Price

See how other cultures use make beautiful designs in clay for everyday living.

Suggested for ages 8 - 12

Rita Swentzell

Members of a Tewa Indian family living in Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico follow the age-old tradition of their people as they create various objects of clay.

Suggested for ages 8 - 12

Jeannie Hull

Gives instructions, in step-by-step photographs, for preparing clay and making thumb and coil pots and decorated tiles and how to use glaze.

Suggested for ages 8 - 12

Kim Solga

Photos and step-by-step instructions for eleven sculpture projects for children aged six to eleven to make using clay, papier-mache, and household materials.

Suggested for ages 6 - 11

Susan O'Reilly

Provides step-by-step instructions for modeling in clay, including such projects as slab pots, a portrait, and a wall plaque.

Suggested for ages 8 - 12

Mary Ann F. Kohl

Ways to play with peanut butter, papier mache, plaster, and clay for preschoolers on up.

Suggested for ages 4 - 10

Barbara Reid

Instructions for turning the modeling material known as Plasticine (or a similar modeling clay) into flat pictures and three-dimensional objects.

Suggested for ages 7 - 12

Kevin Nierman and Elaine Arima

Teaches basic ceramic techniques and provides step-by-step instructions for a variety of projects including handbuilt items, sculptures, and creations using a potter's wheel.

Suggested for ages 8 - 16

Leonard Everett Fisher

Traces the early history of pottery in Colonial America with descriptions of the clay used, techniques of making and decorating pots, and a listing of some of the famous potters of the time.
Part of the Colonial Craftsmen series.

Suggested for ages 8 - 12

Gail Gibbons

Follow a potter and her curious cat through a day with clay. Includes some history of this craft A delightful read-aloud picture book or beginning reader for young artists and business people.
Includes simple instructions for making three kinds of pots.

Suggested for ages 5 - 10

Byrd Baylor

The daily life and customs of prehistoric southwest Indian tribes are retraced from the designs on the remains of their pottery.

Suggested for ages 8 - 12