It's All Political

Mohammed Hanif
It is 1988, and Pakistan's military government is flush with success. Its coffers are full of U.S. weapons and American dollars, CIA agents are everywhere, and the Russians are beginning to withdraw from Afghanistan. Military strongman General Zia ul Huk is the darling of CIA director Bill Casey, and Pakistan; Air Force underofficer Ali Shigri, a young man of good family, is plotting to assassinate Zia. (from BookList)
Rohinton Mistry

The eagerly awaited novel from the author of the award-winning Such a Long Journey is set in India in the mid-1970s. A "State of Internal Emergency" has been declared, and in the days of bleakness and hope that follow, four disparate people find their lives becoming unexpectedly and inextricably entwined.

David Baldacci

In a heavily guarded mansion in a posh Virginia suburb, a man and a woman start to make love, trapping Luther Whitney, a career break-in artist, behind a secret wall. Then the passion turns deadly, and Luther is running into the night. Because what he has just seen is a brutal murder involving Alan Richmond, the president of the United States, the man with . . . Absolute Power.

Ethan Canin
Corey Sifter (is) an aide to the great New York senator Henry Bonwiller, who is running for president of the United States. He begins to leave behind the world of his upbringing...(and) finds himself caught up in a complex web of events in which loyalty, politics, sex, and gratitude conflict with morality, love, and the truth.
Curtis Sittenfeld
No one is more surprised than Alice when her hard-drinking, sports-team-owning husband morphs into a born-again Christian with political ambitions. Suddenly, Alice's life is no longer her own as her every move is parsed for its political implications. (from BookList)
Jamie Malanowski
After four years in the Senate, Godwin Pope, a rich and handsome Princeton grad, decides to run for president against the incumbent, Jack Mahone, a slick, folksy former Louisiana governor who crushes him in a primary debate. In a surprise move, Jack asks Godwin to be his running mate and Godwin accepts. (from Publishers Weekly)
Ralph Reed
The 2008 presidential election takes center stage in this political thriller by the former director of the Christian Coalition and a veteran of seven presidential campaigns. With both candidates under investigation by the Justice Department, the race is thrown into uncertainty when one of the nominees is assassinated. (from Library Journal)
Doug Richardson
Believing that he will have no trouble being nominated for congress after the death of a long-time political incumbent, lawyer Mitch Dutton finds a terrifying challenge in dark horse Shakespeare McCann, who is out to win at any cost.
Dean R. Koontz
A man and a woman meet by chance in a bar. Suddenly, they find themselves fleeing from a powerful agency -- the woman hunted for what she knows, and the man mistaken as her comrade in a resistance movement.
William Kent Krueger
Locked in a tight battle for reelection, President Clay Dixon knows his best chance for victory is the popularity of his wife, Kate. But the disenchanted First Lady is about to desert him.
Boris Pasternak

“The best way to understand Pasternak’s achievement in Doctor Zhivago is to see it in terms of this great Russian literary tradition, as a fairy tale, not so much of good and evil as of opposing forces and needs in human destiny and history that can never be reconciled . . . [Zhivago is] a figure who embodies the principle of life itself, the principle that contradicts every abstraction of revolutionary politics.”—from the Introduction by John Bayley

Jonathan Lowy
At the famous 1970 encounter between Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon at the White House, the "King of Rock and Roll" got his coveted Federal Narcotics Agent-at-Large badge, and "Tricky Dicky" received a gold-plated World War II commemorative Colt .45 in return.
EriK Tarloff
What if your girlfriend is sleeping with your boss? And what if your boss is the President of the United States?
Martin Cruz Smith
Russian cop Arkady Renko comes to Cuba to identify the body of a Russian hauled from the waters of Havana Bay. Looking for the killer, he discovers a city of loneliness, danger, and bewildering contradiction.
Tim Sandlin
Honey, a savvy Texas girl with a weakness for older guys, offers sexual consolation to a raunchy President on the prowl. Her Mafia-connected boyfriend interrupts the scene, and the POTUS croaks. What to do? (from Library Journal)
Richard Condon
First published in 1959, (this is a) riveting take on a little-known corner of the cold war, the almost sci-fi concept of American soldiers captured, brainwashed, and programmed by their Chinese captors to return to the states as unsuspected political assassins.
James W. Huston
When the President is killed in the crash of the Marine One helicopter, while en route to a mysterious meeting at Camp David, the world wants to know why. Mike Nolan, former marine helicopter pilot and lawyer, is tapped by the chopper's French manufacturer to protect them from claims of liability as initial suspicion points at them. But the more Nolan digs, the more he finds. (from Library Journal)
Christopher Buckley
Elizabeth Tyler MacMann, the ambitious First Lady of the United States on trial for the death of her philandering husband, and the only man who can save her is the boyfriend she jilted in law school.
David Lozell Martin
America doesn't fade—it falls apart following a national calamity. The rich continue playing golf behind barricades, while the rest of the country starves. Chaos and savagery reign. Then a wanderer declares himself king.
Leonard Downie, Jr.
The editor of "The Washington Post" presents a novel of corruption and cover-ups at the highest levels of Washington politics, while also portraying the morally ambiguous ways in which the press, and Washington politics, really work.
Orhan Pamuk

"Following years of lonely political exile in Western Europe, Ka, a middle-aged poet, returns to Istanbul to attend his mother’s funeral. Only partly recognizing this place of his cultured, middle-class youth, he is even more disoriented by news of strange events in the wider country: a wave of suicides among girls forbidden to wear their head scarves at school. An apparent thaw of his writer’s curiosity–-a frozen sea these many years–-leads him to Kars, a far-off town near the Russian border and the epicenter of the suicides.

"No sooner has he arrived, however, than we discover that Ka’s motivations are not purely journalistic; for in Kars, once a province of Ottoman and then Russian glory, now a cultural gray-zone of poverty and paralysis, there is also Ipek, a radiant friend of Ka’s youth, lately divorced, whom he has never forgotten. As a snowstorm, the fiercest in memory, descends on the town and seals it off from the modern, westernized world that has always been Ka’s frame of reference, he finds himself drawn in unexpected directions: not only headlong toward the unknowable Ipek and the desperate hope for love–-or at least a wife–-that she embodies, but also into the maelstrom of a military coup staged to restrain the local Islamist radicals, and even toward God, whose existence Ka has never before allowed himself to contemplate. In this surreal confluence of emotion and spectacle, Ka begins to tap his dormant creative powers, producing poem after poem in untimely, irresistible bursts of inspiration. But not until the snows have melted and the political violence has run its bloody course will Ka discover the fate of his bid to seize a last chance for happiness."

Michael Palmer
The personal physician of U.S. President Andrew Stoddard has disappeared, (the president) calls on Naval Academy classmate and old friend Gabe Singleton....Arriving in Washington, Singleton quickly sinks deep into both politics and the realization that all is not right with the President's mental health
Edwin O'Connor

Edwin O'Connor's prize-winning The Last Hurrah is one of the most entertaining novels ever written about American politics. It evokes the seedy grandeur of Frank Skeffington, last of the great big-city Irish political bosses, making his final race for mayor. The novel was adapted as a successful 1958 film, starring Spencer Tracy.