Classics Redux

Jane Smiley
Shakespeare's "King Lear" loosely recast on an Iowa farm.
Sena Jeter Naslund
The story of Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" told by Ahab's wife.
Laua Kalpakian
A sequel to Victor Hugo's classic tale.
Jon Clinch
(M)ore than a century ago...Mark Twain left the notoriously violent Finn, Huckleberry Finn's father, dead, surrounded by such oddities as a wooden leg and women's undergarments. But just exactly how did Finn end up in that room? Clinch takes us on a journey through the mysterious life of an unusual man.
Christopher Moore
Pocket, King Lear's fool, sets out to straighten out the mess the mad king has made of the kingdom and the royal family, only to discover the truth about his own heritage.
Lin Haire-Sargent
What DID happen to Heathcliff those years he was gone?
Valerie Martin
Robert Louis Stevenson's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" retold through the eyes of the good doctor's housekeeper.
Susan Hill
It is ten years later in this sequel to Daphne Du Maurier's "Rebecca".
Susan Kay
The beloved classic, "Phantom of the Opera", retold and expanded.
Stephen Fry
The plot follows the story of "The Count of Monte Cristo". Ned Maddstone falls victim to a cruel trick and is exiled for 20 years.
Donald McCaig
A sequel to Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind"
Alexandra Ripley
A sequel to Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind".
Alice Randall
A retelling of "Gone With the Wind" from the point of view of Cindy, an illegitimate mulatto woman.
James Kaplan
Shakespeare's "Two Gentleman of Verona" very loosely retold in a modern, shallow, consumerist New Jersey.
Jean Rhys
A powerfully compelling vision of what might have happened if the madwoman in the attic in Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" burned down the house and herself.
Isabell Allende
Imaginatively creates...the origins of the legend...(of) Zorro, the famous Robin Hood of eighteenth-century colonial California.