Urban Fantasy

Kelley Armstrong

Elena is the last female werewolf left in the world, but she has left her pack to live a life in secret with humans. When the pack calls her back to help deal with a band of renegades, Elena must decide where she truly belongs.

Karen Marie Moning
Searching for the murderer of her sister, MacKayla Lane travels to Ireland and finds herself in a world of vampires and faeries, many of whom want her dead.
Kim Harrison
Bounty hunter Rachel Morgan is the best at finding otherworldly creatures who break the law. After clashing with the head of the Inderland Runner Services, Rachel quits and finds herself on the run with a price on her head.
Keri Arthur
Riley Jenson, half-vampire and half-werewolf, finds herself engulfed in a conspiracy when she searches for her missing twin brother, Rhoan.
Kat Richardson

After private detective Harper Blaine "dies" for two minutes, she realizes that she has become a greywalker, able to live in the human world, but also able to enter the crossover zone, where otherworldly creatures live.

Neil Gaiman
When Londoner Richard Mayhew stops to help a young woman who lies beaten in the street, he gets thrust into an adventure that takes him into a new world: London Below.
Jim Butcher
Harry Dresden is a wizard in modern day Chicago. Unfortunately, being a wizard doesn't pay very well, so when Harry is asked by the Chicago police department to consult on a strange double homicide, he jumps at the chance to make some easy money. But these homicides are more complicated and strange than he thought. This investigation might just get Harry killed.
Mike Carey
Freelance exorcist Felix Castor takes what should be a simple exorcism at a museum, but instead finds his life in danger.
C.E. Murphy
Seattle cop Joanne Walker learns that she has the powers of a shaman, and only has three days to learn to use them, or else the mythical "wild hunt" will destroy the world.
Melissa Marr
With her inherited gift of the sight, Aislinn has always known that faeries exist and that they are very, very dangerous. When she captures the eye of Keenan, the Summer King, she gets pulled into a centuries old power struggle that may destroy the world.
Charles de Lint
In this alternate version of North America, magic and the supernatural are common, but there is no place quite like Newford. When her car breaks down just outside of town, Lizzie Mahone finds herself drawn into a world of faeries and Native American spirits.