Dealing with Dragons

Patricia Wrede
A princess grows bored with life at the palace and takes up with a nest of dragons. J Fic Wre
Drake, Ernest
An encyclopedic treatment of these creatures, including their natural history, a dragon alphabet, and coverage of both Asian and European dragons. J 398.245 Dr
Cornelia Funke
After learning that humans are headed toward his hidden home, Firedrake, a silver dragon, is joined by a brownie and an orphan boy in a quest to find the legendary valley known as the Rim of Heaven, encountering friendly and unfriendly creatures along the way, and struggling to evade the relentless pursuit of an old enemy. J Fic Fun
Luli Gray
Taking care of her younger brother and a loving but flighty mother has made Falcon very responsible for an eleven-year-old, but she needs the help of her great-great aunt, a friendly neighbor, and an ornithologist when she finds a unusual egg in Central Park. J Fic Gra
Jane Yolen

A collection of both new and previously published stories and poems about dragons. J Fic Yol

Bruce Coville
Small for his age but artistically talented, twelve-year-old Jeremy Thatcher unknowingly buys a dragon's egg. J Fic Col
Jane Yolen, Li Ming

When young Arthur is troubled by dreams, Merlin tells him a story about a fatherless boy who himself dreamed about dragons and the defeat of the evil king Vortigern. J 398.22 Yo

E. Nesbit, H.R. Millar
Meet a dragon who flies out of an enchanted book and swallows an entire soccer team; two children who try to wake St. George while dragons of all shapes and sizes descend on England; and wicked Prince Tiresome, who trades half his kingdom with a pigkeeper to catch a raging dragon. J Fic Nes
Michael Hague
A collection of short stories featuring dragons, by such authors as Italo Calvino, Kenneth Grahame, and Elizabeth Coatsworth. J Fic Hag
Graeme Base
Follow Victorian scientist Rowland W. Greasebeam, aka Graeme Base, as he travels the continents looking for the world's most exotic dragons. J Fic Gra
Sherryl Jordan

High overhead, a dragon flies on coppery wings and rains down fire and destruction. It is the last of the great beasts, bent on wreaking havoc. Everywhere it flies, it chars the medieval English countryside, turning it and its people to gray ash with its fiery breath. Despairing and terrified, the people pray for a hero to save them. Jude is no hero. But when his family falls victim to the terrifying menace, he sets out to destroy the beast, even though he knows he has no hope of succeeding. Joined by a strange, beautiful young woman from a country far beyond the sea, Jude tells his tale of the hunting of the last dragon.

Kathy Tucker

Once there were seven Chinese sisters who lived together and took care of each other. Each one had a special talent. When baby Seventh Sister is snatched by a hungry dragon, her loving sisters race to save her.