Mysteries for Beginning Readers

Doug Cushman
A mystery-loving anteater has a chance to solve several mysteries during her vacation at the Hotel Bathwater; one in a series if you want more. Suggested for ages 6 - 8. JBR Cus
Kin Platt
Big Max, the world's greatest detective, must travel to the land of Ah-Ah-Achoo to find the king's missing pet giraffe. JBR Pla
Hoban, Julia
Buzby the hotel cat does his best to help visiting movie star Serena Lovejoy keep track of her jewels and enjoy her stay at the hotel. JBR Hob
Alma Flor Ada
When he finds an egg, Daniel and his friends try to guess what is inside. Ages 5-7. JBR Ada
James Skofield
Detective Dinosaur and Officer Pterodactyl are challenged to solve three cases when a hat is missing, a shoe squeaks, and a loud clanging comes from a dark alley at night. JBR Sko
Doug Cushman
Inspector Hopper and his perpetually hungry assistant McBugg solve three mysteries for their insect friends. Ages 6-8. JBR Cus
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Nate the Great solves the mystery of the missing picture; first in a long series. Ages 6-8. JBR Sha
Crosby Bonsall
Find out what happens after the girls take over the boys' club house. Ages 6-8. JBR Bon
Cynthia Rylant, G. Brian Karas
Bunny and Jack, animal detectives, investigate the disappearance of the balloons from the neighborhood toy store. JBR Ryl
Lisa Thiesing
Peggy the pig receives a mysterious call from the "Viper" warning that he is coming in one year, with repeated calls which count down the dwindling time until his arrival. JBR Thi
David Adler
Cam uses her photographic memory to help a classmate find the tooth she lost at school. JBR Adl