Wild, Wild West

Helen Ketteman
Loosely based on "Cinderella," this story is set is Texas, the fairy godmother is a cow, and the hero, named Bubba, is the stepson of a wicked rancher. Ages 6-8. JE Fic Ket.
Chris Demarest
An alphabet book featuring words that are related to cowboys and their way of life, such as appaloosa and tumbleweed. Preschool-grade 2. JE Fic Dem.
Sue Heap
Sheriff Pa comes up with an unusual tactic to get Cowboy Baby and his pals to go to bed. Preschool. JE Fic Hea.
Christine Loomis
Little bunnies spend their day pretending to be cowboys: riding their ponies, mending fences, counting cows, eating chow, and singing cowboy tunes until it is time for bed. JE Fic Loo.
G. Brian Karas
Because he loves cowboys but can't imagine one living in a swamp, Ned hates the move which he and his mom make to live with Grandpa near a bayou. Kindergarten-grade 3. JE Fic Kar.
Remy Charlip
Two cowboys in search of their lost cow, Grace, are delighted when she finally finds them. Preschool - grade 2. JE Fic Cha.
Ann Herbert Scott
While a cowboy and his son check the cattle, they count the things that they see. Preschool-grade 1. JE Fic Sco.
Tony Johnston
When two best friends compete in a mock rodeo at school, they learn that winning is not everything. Kindergarten-grade 2. JBR Joh.
Sarah Garland
Relates the adventures of Tex the cowboy and his remarkable horse Gloria. Ages 7-10. JE Fic Gar.
Angela Shelf Medearis
In this Western folk song, an educated fellow mistaken for a greenhorn proves his cowboy ability by riding a wild horse. Includes a discussion of Afro-American and Hispanic cowboys in the nineteenth century. Kindergarten-grade 4. JE Fic Med.