Moving Day

When Robert's best friend Peter, who moved away, comes back to visit, various emotions surface, but mostly pleasure--which all the old friends share. JE Fic Ali
Carmela and Steven D'Amico
Ella is nervous about the first day of school in her new town, but wearing her grandmother's good luck hat makes her feel better--until the other students tease her and call her names. JE Fic D'Am
Nancy White Carlstrom; illustrated by Thor Wickstrom

Mama and child discuss the family's upcoming move to a new house and the reasons why she does not wish to leave the child behind. JE Fic Car

Nancy L. Carlson

After her best friend moves away, a little girl misses the special times they had together. JE Fic Car

Karen Ackerman

A rainstorm sends a family from their long-awaited first house, with all of its leaks, onto the sleeping porch to enjoy the pleasures of the summer night. JE Fic Ack.

Lisa Bullard; illustrated by Joni Oeltjenbruns

Charley is sure that the first Halloween in his new house will be awful, until his step-father takes him out trick-or-treating. JE Fic Bul

Rebecca Bond

Marcus is lonely on his first day in the new neighborhood, but then he makes a friend. JE Fic Bon.

Niki Daly

When Mama gets a new job and a new house, everyone is excited about moving except Jamela who likes her old house just fine. JE Fic Dal

Sally Davies

A young boy has trouble adjusting to his new home and new school, until he decides that with a little effort, he can make new friends. JE Fic Dav