Reenacting History

Rita Mae Brown
Leave it to Mrs. Murphy and Tee Tucker to figure out the connection between the murder during the Civil War battle reenactment and a missing plane. Who knew they could drive a car?
Sarah Stewart Taylor
Harvard art historian Sweeney St. George investigates the murder of a man wearing Revolutionary War clothing in Concord, Massachusetts.
Tom Dyja
Steven Armour throws himself so completely into reenacting the part of Private John Trow of Connecticut that even he starts to wonder if Trow's ghost might have something to do with his sudden obsession.
Patricia Tichenor Westfall
It would be enough of a challenge for Molly West to plan an ordinary wedding for her daughter, but Amanda wants the ceremony to be a costumed Civil War reenactment - and the date is only two months away. While planning the happy day, Molly is helping the sheriff as an unofficial deputy by collecting information from her meals on wheels clients. The skeleton the maid of honor found under her house is just one more obstacle in an already complicated agenda.
Joan Hess
The Stump County Historical Society has funded a documentary film on the Skirmish at Cotter's Ridge of 1863. No one seems interested until it is mentioned that a shipment of Confederate gold was hidden somewhere during the skirmish and hasn't been seen since.
Donna Andrews
Donna Andrew's extremely funny story of the re-creation of the October 1781 siege of Yorktown, complete with cannons, costumes and a crafts fair is enhanced by the addition of her wacky family.
Chuck Logan
When Minnesotan Paul Edin is killed during a re-enactment of the battle of Kirby Creek near Corinth, Miss., local law enforcement quickly declares his death a tragic accident. But when Paul's widow, Jenny, learns that the bullet may have been meant for deputy Kenny Beeman, she's determined to uncover the truth.
Sheri Holman
The small Virginia town of Three Chimneys is home to not only the record setting birth of eleven siblings, but also a replica of a giant cheese once made for Thomas Jefferson, which the townspeople are trying to take to Washington D.C.