Bottoms Up

Joanne Harris

Jay Mackintosh, a best-selling novelist, has published nothing in the last ten years. Impulsively, he decides to leave his urban life in London and, sight unseen, purchases a farmhouse in the remote French village of Lansquenet.

Jack Higgins

Sean Dillon, master of disguise and steady Higgins hero (Angel of Death, etc.), returns for another go against political mayhem. A 1985 hijacking of gold bullion, masterminded by Irish Protestant terrorist Michael Ryan, ends with the ship that's carrying the booty sinking off Ireland. Ryan and his niece Kathleen flee to America while their presumed henchman, seemingly a sailor but actually a disguised Dillon, then an IRA enforcer, ostensibly returns to sea.

Ten years later, Ryan is sprung from an American medical prison by a Mafia lawyer intent on retrieving the bullion. Soon the gold is the object of desire of the mob, a retired IRA chief of staff and British Intelligence, for whom Dillon now works.

Sheryl J. Anderson

A hip but frustrated advice columnist for the woman's lifestyle mag Zeitgeist, Molly dreams of becoming a full-time crusading girl reporter. When a friend's fiancee is murdered, and he becomes the prime suspect, she is asked to help investigate.

M.C. Beaton

When a woman in her hotel is murdered, Agatha's notoriously prickly demeanor soon gets her into trouble as she's pegged as the prime suspect. If she can't solve the murder in time, she'll be meddling in all her future cases from inside a prison cell.

Ellen Crosby

When her father dies under suspicious circumstances, Lucie Montgomery returns from France to Virginia, where she discovers that her greedy brother wants to sell the family vineyard and that her younger sister is sleeping with the man responsible for the car crash that left Lucie permanently disfigured and disabled.

Carolyn G. Hart

Mystery bookstore owner and amateur sleuth Annie Darling serves as author liaison for the Dixie Book Festival on Hilton Head. Problems arise when a self-serving, small-time publisher promises to write a scandalous roman a clef featuring Annie's five charges--all quite famous.

Martha Grimes

A man in a pub, with a shaggy dog at his feet, tells New Scotland Yard Detective Jury about a friend of his whose wife, son, and dog all disappeared nine months previously. The dog came back. Jury gets drawn into investigating the case, which he mostly doubts, until a body turns up.

Hunter S. Thompson

As a young reporter in the 1950's, Paul Kemp works for a newspaper in Puerto Rico and through his eyes are portrayed colorful characters in the days when newspapers flourished.

Boris Starling

Alice Liddell, an American banker, has come to Moscow to oversee the privatization of Russia's most famous vodka distillery - the Red October. Faced with the charismatic, ruthless Lev--distillery director and head of one of the warring mafia gangs-- Alice's very difficult job is starting to look impossible.

Joe Konrath

Between avoiding the FBI and its moronic profiling computer, joining a dating service, mixing it up with street thugs, and parrying the advances of an uncouth P. I., Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels must find a frightening killer who calls himself "The Gingerbread Man."