Ooh La La - Paris Delights

F. G. Gerson
All (Lynn’s) dreams about Paris, couture, glitz, and glamour are about to come true. So what if her only qualification is her mother's name? (summary)
Stephanie Grace Whitson
Newly widowed Mary Davis has the notion that if she can return to Paris with her increasingly distant daughter, perhaps she'll be able to reconcile with the past and find a new future. (summary)
Susanne Alleyn
Amidst the sights and sounds of revolutionary Paris, Aristide Ravel, the enigmatic and charming freelance investigator for the Paris police, comes to the aid of Jeannette Moineau, an illiterate servant girl, when she is accused of poisoning the master of the house where she works. (summary)
Stephen Clarke
(T)he almost-true account of the author's adventures as an expat in Paris. (summary)
Michael Wallner
Set in 1943...(this) is the dramatic story of an impossible love between a German soldier and a French Resistance fighter in occupied Paris. (summary)
Judith E. Hughes and Michael Malyszko
They were free dogs in Paris, unfettered and alive.... Two traveling Labradors tour the City of Light in this charming portrait of Paris and irresistible celebration of canine joie de vivre. (summary) [811 Hu]
Harriet Welty Rochefort
From a small town in Iowa to the City of Light, Harriet has done what so many of dream of one day doing-she picked up and moved to France. But it has not been twenty years of fun and games; Harriet has endured her share of cultural bumps, bruises, and psychic adjustments along the way. (summary) [944.36 Ro]
Muriel Barbery
encompasses a series of witty reflections on the life and career of famous, unlovable French food critic Pierre Arthen, as he lies on his death bed desperate to recapture "a forgotten flavor." (Publishers Weekly)
Julie Orringer
(T)ells the story of a love tested by disaster, of brothers whose bonds cannot be broken, of a family shattered and remade in history's darkest hour, and of the dangerous power of art in a time of war. (summary)
Kate Muir
A devilishly sneaky, chic, and ironic peek at the glittering inhabitants of Paris’s most exclusive neighborhood. (summary)
Elizabeth Bard
In Paris for a weekend visit, Elizabeth Bard sat down to lunch with a handsome Frenchman--and never went home again. (summary) [944.361 Ba]
David Sedaris
At last, someone even meaner than the French! The sort of blithely sophisticated, loopy humour that might have resulted if Dorothy Parker and James Thurber had had a love child. (summary) [814 Se]
Philippe Grimbert
Growing up in postwar Paris as the sickly only child of glamorous athletic parents, the narrator invents for himself a make-believe older brother, stronger and more brilliant than he can ever be. It is only when the boy begins talking to an old family friend that he comes to realize that his imaginary sibling had a real predecessor. (summary)
Cara Black
Accused of shooting her partner, Aimée Leduc must also contend with the fact that someone is impersonating her, a taxman is investigating her firm, and two murders may have a connection to the youth Aimée sent to prison. (summary)
Sharon Kay Penman
(A)sharply honed medieval mystery series...featuring Justin de Quincy, the unacknowledged bastard son of a bishop...Lured to Paris under false pretenses by his seductive ex-lover and mother of his child, Justin is furious to learn that Claudine has acted at the behest of the insidiously devious Prince John. (BookList)
Susan gilbert Harvey
When artist Susan Gilbert Harvey opens her great-aunt's steamer trunk, she discovers a kindred spirit. Anna McNulty Lester...taught art in women's colleges in Georgia and Virginia. In 1898 she was alone in Paris, drawing from life in famous studios. (summary) [914.4361 Ha]
Abha Dawesar
Prem Rustum, a celebrated aging Indian novelist, unexpectedly meets Maya, a vibrant aspiring writer, and surprises himself by following her to Paris. (summary)
Francine Matthews
Four women try to rescue a brilliant scientist from the Nazis-with explosive results. (Library Journal)
Gioia Diliberto
When Isabelle takes a job in the atelier of Coco Chanel, the rising star of haute couture, she finds herself in the heart of a glamorous and ruthless world filled with arrogant designers, handsome men, beautiful women, and fashion thieves who prowl Paris hoping to steal designs before they hit the runway. (summary)
Alan Furst
What makes Furst's world so utterly seductive is the tantalizing sliver of time he writes about: not World War II but the period just prior to its beginning in earnest, when secret agents of every stripe were huddled in Paris, and cynical individualists were facing the realization that even they stood to be trapped in the coming crossfire. (BookList)
Joanne Harris
A long-awaited sequel to Chocolat. (A)sensuous tale about the dark arts, dark chocolate, and lives both bitter and sweet. (Booklist)
Chris Ewan
Charlie Howard—globe-trotting mystery writer, professional thief, and poor decision maker—is in Paris. Flush with the success of his latest book reading, not to mention a few too many glasses of wine, Charlie agrees to show a complete novice how to break into an apartment in the Marais. (summary)
Tracy Chevalier
An extraordinary story exquisitely...weaves history and fiction into a beautiful, timeless, and intriguing literary tapestry that rivals in grace and grandeur the masterpiece that inspired it. (summary)
Pablo De Santis
(S)et in 1889 Paris, just before the World's Fair. The Twelve Detectives - Europe's most famous sleuths - hold their annual meeting to discuss old cases and new issues. (Booklist)
Judith Gould
An innocent woman is trapped in a game of international intrigue, high-stakes glamour, and dangerous romance when she falls prey to a conspiracy that could mean death to anyone who discovers it. (summary)
Kathleen Flinn
A delightful true story of food, Paris, and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. (summary) [641.5 Fl]
David Lebovitz
Like so many others, David Lebovitz dreamed about living in Paris...Finally, after a nearly two-decade career as a pastry chef and cookbook author, he moved to Paris to start a new life. Having crammed all his worldly belongings into three suitcases, he arrived, hopes high, at his new apartment in the lively Bastille neighborhood. But he soon discovered it's a different world en France. (summary) [641.013 Le]
Paulo Coelho
Stunned by his wife's inexplicable disappearance from their Paris home and immediately suspected of foul play by the authorities and the press, the unnamed protagonist, a best-selling writer, is forced to reexamine both his marital relationship and his own life. (BookList)
Kristin Espinasse
Imagine a former French major getting vocabulary tips from her young children! That was the experience of Kristin Espinasse, an American who fell in love with a Frenchman and moved to his country to marry him and start a family. (summary) [920 Es]