Tales from the New Found Land of Virginia

Deeanne Gist

Tobacco planter Drew O'Connor needs a woman to look after his house and his three-year-old sister. What he gets is the daughter of an earl who was transported against her will to the colony. Although she is stubborn and completely unaccustomed to hard work, their mutual attraction and strong faith in God bring them together.

Virginia Bernhard

In 1609, new bride Temperance Yardley and her husband set sail for Jamestown--on separate ships. Disaster strikes the convoy, leaving Temperance to fend for herself in the starving colony. Includes appearances by Powhatan and his warriors.

William T. Vollmann

True story or not, William the Blind's recounting in very nearly Elizabethan English of a version of the Jamestown story is fascinating reading. While not to be taken as a straight history, its rather cynical play on familar characters and situations sounded in an Elizabethan cadence is intriguing.

Connie Lapallo
Few women and children sailed to Jamestown in 1609. But to Joan, prosperous Virginia sounded promising. Even when she was forced to leave a daughter behind. Even that Joan could bear. But then came the hurricane, the Starving Time, the Indian Wars...
Mary Lee Settle

Award-winning author Mary Lee Settle succeeded in making frontier Virginia history more immediate and real by breathing life into almost-forgotten incidents from history and little-known people with her novels.
Beginning of the Beulah Quintet.

Margaret Lawrence
Sent to the fledgling American colony of Roanoke, Gabriel North is given the task of seducing a young Indian princess for her fortune in gold and pearls, and in the process is drawn into the mystery of what really happened to the vanished English settlers on Roanoke.
John Buchan

"My arm was too short to make a fighter of me, and I could only strive to close, that I might get the use of my weight and my great strength of neck and shoulder. Ringan danced round me, tapping me lightly on nose and cheek, but hard enough to make the blood flow, I defended myself as best I could, while my temper rose rapidly and made me forget my penitence. Time and again I looked for a chance to slip in, but he was as wary as a fox, and was a yard off before I could get my arm round him."
Follow the rowsing adventures of men facing off against pirates, Powhatans, and each other in this classic adventure story.

Gilbert Morris

Daniel Bradford is a poor young British man whose only escape from prison is found in agreeing to go to America for five years as the bound servant of a rich estate owner named Sir Leo Rochester. After his five years of service, he marries and moves to Virginia. As the storm clouds of the Revolution begin to build, Daniel joins the Minutemen to defend his new homeland.
Book 1 of the Liberty Bell series.

James L. Nelson

Former swashbuckler Thomas Marlowe and his wife have settled in 1702 Tidewater Virginia where they immediately make enemies by freeing their slaves. Planning to set to sea again, to make his fortune plundering rival merchant vessels, Captain Marlowe finds himself bound instead to hunt down an old friend who has killed the captain of a slave ship and has now set sail for Africa.
Book 2 of the Brethren of the Coast series.

James L. Nelson
A naval adventure whose hero commands a warship, defending colonial Virginia from pirates. On land he faces danger as well for he killed a tobacco planter in a duel over a woman and the family wants revenge.
Book 1 of the Brethren of the Coast series.

Philippa Gregory

As England descends into civil war, John Tradescant the Younger, gardener to King Charles I, finds his loyalties in question, his status an ever-growing danger to his family. Fearing royal defeat and determined to avoid serving the rebels, John escapes to the royalist colony of Virginia, a land bursting with fertility that stirs his passion for botany. Only the native American peoples understand the forest, and John is drawn to their way of life just as they come into fatal conflict with the colonial settlers. Torn between his loyalty to his country and family and his love for a Powhatan girl who embodies the freedom he seeks, John has to find himself before he is prepared to choose his direction in the virgin land.