The Joy of Fishing

Christopher Camuto

Eleven essays tell of one man's love for pursuing wild trout all year long while surrounded by the unique folklore, geology, and colonial history of the Blue Ridge.

Norman MacLean

It was a terrific movie. It's an even better book. Norman Maclean's tale of his family's estrangement and coming together ripples along, as sure and memorable as the Blackfoot River.

John Gierach

Entertaining essays from the author of Dances with Trout tell of times fishing for brook trout in Labrador, Atlantic salmon in Scotland and New Brunswick, and grayling in the Northwest Territories. He also gives advice for choosing a fishing lodge.

Peter Gathercole

Clear, comprehensive charts detail essential information on how to choose appropriate flies, rods, reels, and lines for catching different varieties of fish. With words and pictures, author Peter Gathercole also coaches his readers on fishing skills and techniques, starting with simple basics that include assembling the fishing rod, attaching the fly, mastering casting techniques, and reeling. He takes novice fishermen through the many steps toward proficiency and a pleasurable fishing experience. He also offers refresher chapters for those anglers who have been away from fishing for some time.

Tom Meade

"This book offers beginners a marvelous chance to learn (or re-learn) the fundamentals of this great sport quickly. Using proven teaching techniques and helpful illustrations, the book concisely explains fishing ethics, offers helpful safety precautions, defines basic angling terms, and teaches effective techniques for fly fishing."

Mike Iaconelli

"Forty-four million Americans fish, but no one does it quite like Mike Iaconelli. In Fishing on the Edge, he lets you in on the secrets to his extraordinary success–how he developed his 'power' fishing style, how he attacks the water, positions the boat, and perseveres through those days when the bass just aren’t biting. With sidebar tips that can be used by any fisherman–from using spinner baits to picking out the right rod to his no-fail 'secret weapons'–this is an intensive, informative, and often raucous journey through the life of a brash young man destined to do for fishing what Tony Hawk did for the X Games: take the sport to a whole new level."

Andy Snyder

A veteran angler presents a complete where-to-fish guide for the outstanding saltwater fishing opportunities on the Delaware and Maryland coasts. These fifty-nine miles of coastline offer surf, inshore, back bay and inlet fishing that is world class, for flounder, weakfish, dolphin, shark, tuna, bluefish, striped bass and many other species. Where to fish, and techniques specific to each locality, are detailed in this indispensable guide.

Howell Raines

When a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist takes up a rod and reel, he finds much to contemplate of life's meaning while standing hip-deep in a clear stream.

Jim Arnosky

One for the kids!  This handbook to fishing, boating, and water wildlife brings together Jim Arnosky's knowledge, skills, and talents in one wonderful package. Illustrated with his trademark watercolors, pen-and-ink drawings, and photographs, it is packed with information for young fishermen.

T. Jefferson Parker

Sixteen of America's favorite author-anglers spin tales of mystery-- and fishing.

Jim Mayes
A book for the fisherman who likes to be truly hands-on with his equipment.
Cory Routh

"This guide gives you a quick, clear understanding of the essential information youll need to get started in the growing sport of kayak fishing. Routh covers everything you will need to know for safe, fun and successful kayak fishing, including choosing the right kayak for fishing, kayak safety, basic paddle strokes, choosing the right fishing gear, tides and currents, finding fish, and more. Also includes kayak fishing instructor and guide listings."

John Ross

Includes information on fish species, seasons, rates, and special travel tips for fishermen. Choices range from backwoods with cooking facilities to full service lodges.

Mark D. Williams
"Ever dreamed of following in Hemingway's footsteps and fishing in the Basque country of Spain? Or casting your line in the urban jungle of New York City? How about reeling in a 150-lb. tarpon off the coast of Florida? In So Many Fish, So Little Time, expert fisherman Mark D. Williams takes you to the 1,001 places all anglers should visit before they go to that great fishing paradise in the sky. From milkfish in the Seychelles to sailfish off Guatemala to Arctic char at the top of the world, he'll take you on a lively and informative trip to the most beautiful, bountiful, and fish-laden waters in the world. The only angler's guide to essential places to fish that covers the entire world..."
Vici DeHaan
Guides your exploration of the special state parks of Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, North and South Carolina.
John Gierach

"Gierach's latest masterwork of streamside philosophy is a witty account of all that makes fishing unique and addictive."

Ken Schultz

"This guide to largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing includes all the information needed to catch America's favorite gamefish: where to find them, natural history, feeding behavior, rods and reels, lines, lures, boats, accessories, and techniques. The latter include night fishing, spring fishing, working the vegetation, fly fishing, trolling, and conservation."

Todd Swainbank

Advice on bass, walleye, Northern carp, salmon, fly fishing, deep water trolling, fish and bait behavior, and more.

J.I. Merritt

"To celebrate its hundredth anniversary, Field & Stream collected a full and totally entertaining treasury of more than fifty great articles from its pages. The subjects are as diverse as the great outdoors itself: fishing -- from the pursuit of big game in the seas to fly-fishing for trout in mountain brooks; hunting -- from waterfowl and upland birds to the dangerous game of Africa; dogs; camping; and much more."

Tom McNally

"No other form of fishing offers the challenge, frustration, provocation, stimulation, fascination, tranquility and rewards of fly fishing. In paperback for the first time, here is the ultimate book on every aspect of this fishing art form. McNally's pithy prose is enhanced with step-by-step illustrations from noted artist/angler Tom Beecham."

Nick Lyons
"This one-of-a-kind volume has something for everyone who fishes, whether he or she fondly remembers fishing with worms as a child or hurls the fanciest flies toward great prey like Atlantic salmon and tarpon. Its selections celebrate fishing for bass, catfish, trout, striped bass, crappie, tarpon, muskie, Atlantic salmon, bonefish, pike, and many other species. If it swims and can be landed with a rod, line, and hook, it's featured here."
John Bailey

"From basic fishing techniques to a complete list of fish species and where different species can be found, this updated version of our best-selling classic has everything an angler needs to know."

Howell Raines

In this sequel to Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis, Howell Raines talks entertainingly about life and fishing.

Bruce Ingram

"This book reveals the best angling spots, every rapid and access point, and where the best wildlife and scenery are found. Every chapter begins with an historical anecdote chronicling the fascinating past of the Shenandoah and Rappahannock. Heroes of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars come alive in the tangible setting of these rivers."

Harry Slone
"This new, completely revised edition of Harry Slone's much praised guide to Virginia's beloved Blue Ridge watershed offers fly-anglers all they need to know. Melding good storytelling, solid science, and a seasoned angler's eye for fish and insect behavior, Slone not only guides you to some of the finest fishing spots in the region, but also helps deepen your appreciation and enjoyment when you get there."
Bob Gooch

"Virginia Fishing Guide is the road map to both the obscure and the best-known places to fish in the Old Dominion."