Latin American Cooking

Nancy Zaslavsky

Nominated for the prestigious James Beard Award, "A Cook's Tour Of Mexico" includes more than extraordinary, flavorful recipes gathered from the kitchens of country farmers, village bakers, market vendors, and home cooks. The resulting effort is a collection of tantalizing, authentic recipes assembled in a coast-to-coast culinary tour of Mexico.

Yvonne Ortiz

Savory dishes, old and new, featuring the flavors of Puerto Rico: Pastellilos de Carne (meat turnovers), Cold Mango and Rum Soup, Pina Colada Cakes, and Camarones con Coco (coconut shrimp).

Rick Bayless

Excellent margin notes for the cook make this one a standout. Example: Simmering Fish Broth: Unlike other broths, fish broth gets bitter and strong if simmered more than 20 or 25 minutes. Who knew?

Rosa Coronado

Recipes for celebrations and everyday. This newer version of the family favorite has slimmed-down recipes. Part of the Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks series. Clearly written recipes for easy dinners and snacks: Red Snapper with Lime Juice, Mango with Cinnamon, and a couple of kid-pleasing favorites, Tortillas with Chicken and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Helga Parnell

An overview of South American cookery that includes information about the continent's holidays and festivals. Features simple recipes and menu planning that are perfect for school projects or the family kitchen where everybody cooks. This newer edition includes lower calorie and vegetarian recipes.

Maria Luisa Urdaneta

"Because diabetes is a growing health problem in the Mexican American community this information is vital for all those who need or want to manage their diet without giving up the foods they've grown up with and love. No other cookbook provides such a wide range of healthy Mexican recipes, all kitchen-tested, easy to prepare, and simply delicious. Let Deleites de la Cocina Mexicana be your one-stop guide to cooking and eating guilt-free Mexican food."  A bi-lingual cookbook.

Diana Kennedy

Diana Kennedy is considered by many to be the Julia Child of Mexican cuisine. In this fully illustrated guide, the world-renowned authority on Mexican cuisines returns with an encyclopedic exploration of the foods and cooking traditions she introduced in The Essential Cuisines of Mexico. An entire chapter is devoted to the different kinds of chiles and another on the different types of beans. The first half of the book concerns ingredients while the second half is devoted to technique. Includes step-by-step photographs.

James W. Peyton

This is the first cookbook to present all the regional styles of Mexican-American cooking. It traces the cooking from its Indian roots, through its development in response to European influences, to its arrival in the American Southwest. More than 200 recipes focus on regional styles found in New Mexico, California, Arizona, and Texas. Try out the Char-broiled Shrimp Tacos, Chicken Stew, Corn Bread with Green Chile, Cinnamon Tea, and Herbed Sirloin Roast. Has history ever been so delicious?

Laura Esquivel

A #1 bestseller in Mexico in 1990, this charming, imaginative, and just plain fun novel of family life in turn-of-the-century Mexico includes unique recipes at the beginning of each chapter for a variety of traditional dishes.

Norman Van Aken
Norman Van Aken explores the rich influence of Latin American cuisine on the American palate. The roots of these amazing savories come from Africa, Spain, and the native peoples of the islands and the expansive countries that make up Latin America. Van Aken has written in a straightforward manner and has chosen to use ingredients which, while exotic (scotch bonnet chiles, tomatillos or jicama) are not impossible for a home chef to acquire. The recipes are sophisticated, yet doable.
Douglas Rodriguez

The co-owner and chef of New York City's Patria restaurant has created a cookbook for Americans who want to experience the dazzling delights of Latin-American cuisine. Sweet citrus combines with sharp and earthy flavors of garlic, mustard, shallots and more to awaken the palate of the most jaded diner. The flavors are exciting, and Cuban-born Rodriguez has thoughtfully included a listing of mail order companies that can supply hard-to-find ingredients for small town dwellers.

Doris Cross
More than 150 recipes geared to a diabetic's needs that still maintain a lot of authentic taste. Enjoy Fiesta Tortilla Corn Chowder, Blackened Chicken Enchiladas, and Southwest Corn Fritters.
Susana Trilling
Bounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean lies the state of Oaxaca. Susan Trilling, a New York restaurant owner and caterer, delves into the cuisine of the region that became her adopted home. The culinary traditions do share some Spanish roots with other Latin cuisine, but much of its savor comes from the age-old traditions of the native people. The book's chapters are arranged by region and offer delights such as Chiled Chicken Wrapped in Herbs and Banana Leaves and Layered Mango Pudding. Many vegetarian and seafood recipes are included.
Diana Kennedy

More than 300 authentic recipes are grouped by food category (tamales, salads, seafood, sweet yeast breads, etc.). Chapter introductions share the author's travel stories. Uses exotic ingredients such as pigs' feet, nopoles (cactus paddles) and cuiclacoche (corn fungus), to create the real deal of Mexican cooking. Some recipes will be challenging, and
others, such as Chiles Con Queso (chiles with cheese) and angel hair pasta with tomato broth, will be easy, comforting, and tasty.

Vertamae Grosvenor

"Storyteller, poet, and culinary anthropologist Vertamae Grosvenor displays the pleasures of Afro-Atlantic cooking in this soulful companion to the new PBS series The Americas' Family Kitchen. Here, as in the series, she shows how African tastes and traditions have influenced the various cuisines of America, acquiring new flavors and ingredients along the way in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.  You'll find more than a hundred mouth-watering, down-home recipes, spiced with Vertamae's anecdotes, humor, and historical insights. The recipes range from the surprising to the happily familiar, from zesty Bahian shrimp creole to the simple pleasures of sweet potato pie. And everything from Hoppin' John to Sunshine Soup to Low Country Red Rice has a story."