So You Want to Be a Storyteller

Cathy Spagnoli

More than 30 stories from the rich Asian cultural panorama illuminate the wisdom and humor of Eastern cultures. In her search for stories, Cathy Spagnoli has slid through Indian rice fields, sipped sake with Japanese epic singers, met with monks in Thailand and Korea, and hiked the Himalayas with Tibetan dancers.

Phyllis Noe Pflomm

Draw along with a piece of chalk to make your stories memorable. Especially good for teachers!

Christine Petrell Kallevig

These nine stories unfold (and fold!) into lovely artwork.

Jackie Torrence

Jackie Torrence is one of our most treasured storytellers. She performs mostly African American folktales. These sixteen jump tales, Jack tales, Br'er tales, family tales, and scary tales are written in such a way as to give a sense of the telling. Jackie's work is also available on audio and video tape.

Nancy Schimmel

For parents, teachers, librarians, group leaders, and people who just like to tell stories, this is a first rate introduction to the art, based on Schimmel's years of professional storytelling and teaching.

Len Cabral

Cabral gives helpful stage directions with his 23 stories and includes with each a teaching guide of questions to ask listeners.

David Holt and Bill Mooney

Funny tales, tall tales, and stories about family and community--a multicultural collection of traditional tales contributed by experienced storytellers, with tips for telling the stories.

Jan Irving

This light-hearted sourcebook for teachers and librarians describes food-related activities, including stories, rhymes, fingerplays, crafts, cooking and tasting experiences, and short skits, designed to delight young minds while teaching skills. Each group of recommended picture books is supplemented by topical songs, poems, chants, flannel board constructions, and puppet skits.

Caroline Feller Bauer

This guide for beginners as well as more experienced tellers has tips, tricks, and techniques for narrative timing, and performance skills. Whether you want to be a better storyteller at bedtime or in front of an entire class, this book has something for you.

Joseph Bruchac

Bruchac is a nationally-known Native American storyteller and author of some 70 books of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry for adults and children. In this collection, he retells a number of traditional Native American stories drawn from a variety of Native groups from throughout the country.

Judy Sima

Written by two veteran storytellers, this practical handbook shows teachers how to start a youth storytelling group, taking readers through the process of planning, managing, and growing a group, and offering a wealth of games and activities as well as reproducibles and checklists.

David Holt

A multicultural collection of traditional tales contributed by more than forty of America's most experienced storytellers, with tips for telling the stories.

Ed Brody

This storytelling sourcebook features 29 wondrous children's stories from around the world. From the mythic and the fantastic, to the silly and the serious, these timeless tales encourage conflict resolution, compassion, and sensitivity to the Earth and all living things.

Judy Sierra

Tells how to find unique stories from older, written sources as well as original stories from the oral tradition. Includes a chapter on copyright concerns with sample forms for requesting consent.

Anne Pellowski

This book encourages you to begin a warm family tradition of stories, rhymes, and anecdotes.

Jack Maguire

The ability to tell interesting, relatable stories and anecdotes is valuable in personal and business interactions. The author shares his tips for telling such stories and telling them well.

R. Craig Roney

Provides detailed information to help adults develop basic skills in reading aloud, mediated storytelling, and storytelling. Chapters move readers from the easiest to the most difficult storytelling experience, building skills in selecting, preparing, and delivering stories and poetry to audiences. Instruction is based not only on the author's own extensive experience, but also on empirical research related to teaching adults to tell stories.

This electronic book is available to read online for our patrons who have a netLibrary account.

Anne Pellowski

This classic guide has stories that are short and may employ some props: string, trouble dolls, thumb pianos, and sand.

Margaret Read MacDonald

An experienced storyteller provides encouragement, advice, and excellent, workable stories.