Gardening Books We Wear Out

Xerces Society

"Describing how to attract butterflies and other beneficial and beautiful insects to your garden, this book covers plants that attract butterflies, butterfly food plans, seed and plant sources, gardening and conservation organizations, and a bibliogrpahy of books and periodicals about butterflies."

Louise Riotte
"This gardening classic was first published in 1975, and now a second generation of gardeners who prefer pest-resistant planning to chemicals will find a place for it on the shelves. Not only does it tell what to plant with what, but also how to use herbal sprays to control insects, what wild plants to encourage in the garden, how to grow fruit and nut trees, how to start small plots or window-box gardens, and much more. It's one of the most practical books around for any gardener of edibles, no matter how serious or casual."
William Woys Weaver
"This book is the culmination of some thirty years of firsthand knowledge of growing, tasting, and cooking with heirloom vegetables. A staunch supporter of organic gardening techniques, Will Weaver has grown every one of the featured 280 varieties of vegetables, and he walks the novice gardener through the basics of planting, growing, and seed saving. Sprinkled throughout the gardening advice are old fashioned recipes - such as Parsnip Cake, Artichoke Pie, Pepper Wine, and Henry Ward Beecher's Favorite Turtle Bean Soup - that highlight the flavor of these vegetables. This is the first comprehensive garden book on this subject that also includes meticulous research on the origins and dates of introduction for most of the varieties discussed, as well as fascinating stories and lore about the vegetables."
Nancy L. Newfield
"...provides how-to information on feeders, plant combinations, and garden design. It showcases the continent's 20-plus hummingbird species. By breaking North America into six regions, the authors give tips that are tailored for gardeners in all parts of the United States and Canada."
Maria Rodale

From the leading name in organic gardening comes a guide to creating a garden that is organically balanced & aesthetically beautiful. Using sophisticated design techniques from authorities in every field of gardening, readers will learn the secrets of creating a landscape that's gorgeous, productive, & time- & energy-efficient.

Penelope Ody
"Elaborating on the healing powers of herbs, this guide demonstrates the best methods to extract healing properties and includes an A-to-Z portfolio of more than 120 medicinal herbs."
Gene Logsdon
"Once upon a time people thought gardens were flat, rectangular, and planted in rows. People grew vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes. Then Gene Logsdon, the self-proclaimed dean of American curmudgeons, came along to smash the concept of garden to smithereens. Gene Logsdon is an American original, a farmer who thinks, and a writer who gardens."
Rosalind Creasy

This volume comprises vegetables that are fundamental to French cuisine, like endives, leeks, shallots, and celery root, and classic recipes for preparing them: Pistou Souffle, a Green Aioli, and, of course, Ratatouille. Includes profiles of Tom McCombie, a California-based chef, and Georgeanne Brennan, co-owner of Le Marche seed company.

Rosalind Creasy
"Heirloom vegetables (historic varieties that are often not as widely available as commoner varieties) are being rediscovered and treasured. Rosalind Creasy recommends her favorite heirloom vegetable varieties and provides growing tips and tasty recipes like Squash Pie, Fricassee of Parsnips and Hot Slaw. Includes interviews with Debra Friedman, a cooking interpretor at historic Old Sturbridge Village, and Kent Whealy, director of the Seed Savers Exchange as well as a comprehensive list of suppliers."
Rosalind Creasy

"Explore the world of fragrant and savory herbs and get tips on how to grow them abundantly. Learn how to use herbs in cooking, as well as in blends, herbed oils and vinegars."

Rosalind Creasy
"Creasy offers recommendations for selecting and growing the best varieties of Italian herbs and vegetables: basil, broccoli rabe, fava beans, and tomatoes."
Rosalind Creasy

"Creasy shows readers how to grow favorite salad greens and vegetables then prepare them using delicious and unique recipes."

Mark Miller with John Harrisson

"The Coyote Cafe cookbook was a howling success that spawned a wonderful pair of posters created by Mark Miller. This full-color handbook presents an expansion of the posters' information in book form, covering 100 chiles (50 each of fresh and dried), each with a color photograph, hotness scale, and brief description.  The Great Chile Book also includes background information, an introduction to the use of chiles in the cuisines of Mexico and the Southwest, and delicious recipes from the kitchen of the Coyote Cafe."

Mark Miller
"This sparkling full-color cookbook features 100 widely varied recipes-tomato and tomatillo, chile, tropical, fruit, corn, bean, garden, ocean, exotic, and nut, seed, and herb. Includes hints on handling volatile peppers, suggested accompaniments, and, of course, a heat scale."
Eliot Coleman
"In this newly revised and expanded edition, master grower Eliot Coleman continues to present the simplest and most sustainable ways of growing top-quality organic vegetables. Coleman updates practical information on marketing the harvest, on small-scale equipment, and on farming and gardening for the long-term health of the soil. The new book is thoroughly updated, and includes all-new chapters such as: *Farm-Generated Fertility-how to meet your soil-fertility needs from the resources of your own land, even if manure is not available. *The Moveable Feast-how to construct home-garden and commercial-scale greenhouses that can be easily moved to benefit plants and avoid insect and disease build-up. *The Winter Garden-how to plant, harvest, and sell hardy salad crops all winter long from unheated or minimally heated greenhouses. *Pests-how to find "plant-positive" rather than "pest-negative" solutions by growing healthy, naturally resistant plants. *The Information Resource-how and where to learn what you need to know to grow delicious organic vegetables, no matter where you live."
Andrea Chesman
"At last, vegetarians can take leave of the hot kitchen and be part of the casual backyard fun long reserved for carnivores. Non-vegetarians, too, can take a healthy break from, or find the perfect side dish for, their usual outdoor fare. In 200 grill-tested recipes for smoky, succulent, fire-kissed food, Andrea Chesman makes room on the grill for a feast of new foods and flavors, from simple sides and salads to hearty burgers, burritos, pizzas, pastas, and more."