Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Joyce Meyer
"By living to glorify God, and letting go of what lies behind, you have the power to change your live. Meyer shows you one hundred ways to immediately improve your life, and let God help you live a simple life." (Publisher's description)
Eric Brende

The author and his spouse spent 18 months in Amish country living without electricity and its dependent technologies. Here he recounts the experience, not only detailing the daily activities and frequent difficulties they found necessary to maintain existence without electricity, but also touting the benefits of such a life and exploring the culture of their adopted community.

Marcia Wieder
Tells how to determine the kind of life one really wants to lead, identify the needed skills, and plan the steps to reach that goal.
Peter Walsh

"The bestselling author of It's All Too Much and Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? returns with this new work that helps readers work through physical, mental, and emotional clutter in order to regain their balance and to live their lives to the fullest."

Daniel Hays

To escape civilization Daniel Hays he "bought an island, built a house, packed up his wife and stepson and two dogs and three boatloads of supplies, and moved there for a year." He harnesses electricity from solar power and an unpredictable windmill, funnels rainwater for their showers, creates a toilet seat out of a whale vertebra and a kitchen sink out of a jawbone, and strings the bed up on pulleys so that it lifts to the ceiling."

Sue Bender

"I had an obsession with the Amish. Plan and simple. Objectively it made no sense. I, who worked hard at being special, fell in love with a people who valued being ordinary."
So begins Sue Bender's story, the captivating and inspiring true story of a harried urban Californian moved by the beauty of a display of quilts to seek out and live with the Amish. Discovering lives shaped by unfamiliar yet comforting ideas about time, work, and community, Bender is gently coaxed to consider, "Is there another way to lead a good life?"

Tim Covell.

"Rational Simplicity offers a... series of suggestions to help change your relationship with money. At its core, simple living is living on less than you earn. But simple living has the final goal of escaping from paid work and pursuing what is really important to you... This book encourages you to spend less time pursuing material goods and more time pursuing your dreams."

Sarah Ban Breathnach

"Organized as a saunter through the year, Romancing the Ordinary celebrates the spirituality of the senses, seasonally and monthly. Ban Breathnach believes that women are endowed not with five senses but with seven. In addition to rediscovering sight, sound, scent, taste, and touch, readers will come to cherish their sense of 'knowing' — a woman's intuitive sense — and 'wonder,' her sense of rapture and reverence."

Janet Luhrs

"Janet Luhrs, a leading voice of the simplicity movement, has shown thousands of readers how to live more fully by living more consciously. Now she shows us how we can use the same principles to enhance our most important relationships and help them endure over time. From learning to know yourself authentically to being together with your partner to facing day-to-day problems as a couple, Simple Loving offers a path to greater intimacy and joy. This book is about creating open space and open time, and letting go of the busy pace and demands of everyday life so that we can go deeper within ourselves, and with our partners." (Publisher's description)

Thomas Kinkade

"Thomas Kinkade, renowned for light-infused paintings of nostalgic, heartwarming scenes, combines his artistic talent with thoughtful narrative in this exquisitely designed gift book. More than 20 color paintings accompanies the reflective text. In this personal glimpse into the life of the artist, Kinkade shares his thoughts on living in a complex age, keeping perspective and creating balance."

Linda Breen Pierce
"...a practical guide for those who long for a slower pace of life with more time for joyful relationships, fulfilling work, and living one's dreams. Working on your own or as part of a simplicity study group, you will explore the major areas of your life: material possessions, money, time, work, housing, transportation, relationships, inner simplicity, health, community, and environmental sustainability. For each category, you will complete written exercises to determine how best to improve the quality of your life." (Publisher's description)
Elaine Saint James

"In Simplify Your Christmas, Elaine St. James offers more than a hundred simple ways to remove the stress and return the sacred to what should be the most joyous of holidays. Packed with intelligent insights and plain common sense, these brief, easy-to-read essays will help you escape the unnecessary nonsense you've wanted to escape, and turn the holidays back into a time to anticipate and remember."

David Yount

"A practical guide to spiritual discovery through simplifying one's daily life, this book is written for men and women of all ages and beliefs who find the stresses of contemporary life to be overwhelming at times. Filled with inspirational anecdotes and practical exercises, Spiritual Simplicity provides suggestions to help readers learn how to live richer, more rewarding lives."

Jeff Davidson

"Chances are, your life is overflowing with unnecessary clutter and confusion--from the 'junk drawer' in the kitchen to the overloaded 'in box' at the office to the ever-growing list of tasks to complete and errands to run. With the increasingly hectic, stressful lives that more and more people are leading today, is it possible for anyone to handle the overwhelming demands on their time and still get through the day with ease? The Joy of Simple Living will teach you just how easy it is to get back to the basics."

Juliet B. Schor
"The Overspent American explores why so many of us feel materially dissatisfied, why we work staggeringly long hours and yet walk around with ever-present mental 'wish lists' of things to buy or get, and why Americans save less than virtually anyone in the world."
Janet Luhrs

"Whether you are looking at small solutions for cutting down the stress in your life or taking the big leap toward the simpler life, this book can be your guide. Janet Luhrs, the nationally recognized founder and editor of the Simple Living Journal, brings together strategies, inspiration, resources, and real-life profiles of people who have slowed down, overcome obstacles, and created richer lives."