No, No! Bad Dog!

Dean Koontz
Besides quite regularly manifesting her extraordinariness, Trixie made Koontz ponder the nature of intelligence, interspecies communication, sympathy, intuition, love and the loyalty it engenders, and other species' degrees of consciousness, including the knowledge of personal death. (from BookList)
Peter Martin
From the instant they spotted the forlorn puppy in the kennel, as she stared at them with her intense eyes, Cindy and Peter Martin knew she was the one for them. Almost immediately, Perth became a central part of the household, a dog for all dogs. (book description)
Rick Bass
Colter was the runt of the litter, and Rick Bass took him only because nobody else would. Soon, though, Bass realized he had a raging genius on his hands, and he raided his daughters' college fund to send Colter to the best schools. (book description)
Steven Winn
(T)he story of Winn's tireless pursuit to win over this hesitant, stubborn, and endearingly eccentric dog. (from BookList)
Martha Sherrill
After the Japanese surrender in 1945, there were only sixteen Akita dogs left in the country...Morie (Sawataishi) became obsessed with preventing the extinction of the breed, and he did it in a very un-Japanese way: defying convention, breaking the law, giving up the opportunity to hold prestigious engineering jobs in Tokyo... (from summary)
Mark Doty
(T)wo dogs become Doty's intimate companions, his solace, and eventually the very life force that keeps him from abandoning all hope during the darkest days. Their tenacity, loyalty, and love inspire him when all else fails. (from summary)
Robert Rodi
An urban intellectual and a scruffy, disobedient Sheltie team up to conquer the Canine Agility pro-circuit in this hysterical account of the quest for glory in the competitive dog world. (from summary)
Kristin Von Kreisler
...Von Kreisler found a beagle named Bea whose traumatic past included a stay at an animal-research facility...(S)he was determined to help the cowering, malnourished animal. From the dog's condition, von Kreisler knew it wouldn't be easy. She was right. (from BookList)
Anna Quindlen
Heartening and bittersweet, this book honors the life of a cherished and loyal friend and offers (readers) a valuable lesson: Sometimes an old dog can teach a person new tricks. (from summary)
Janet Elder
(A) page-turning, unforgettable true story of the tenacity of one small dog, the unexpected, extraordinary kindness of strangers, and a family's devotion to each other. (from summary)
Thomas Healy
Up until he was nearly 40...Healy was...a drinker, a fighter, and a mostly unemployed writer, and he was living with his mother, the only person who could put up with him. Then two things happened that changed his life: someone bought the film rights to one of his short stories, and he bought himself a Doberman pinscher puppy, whom he named Martin, after the man who bought the film rights. (from BookList)
Nick Trout
Dr. Trout has an impressive array of fancy equipment, training and skills at his disposal, but his most important a fundamental belief in the power of hope, humility, and grace. (from publisher description)
Grogran, John
John and Jenny were just beginning their life together. They were young and in love, with a perfect little house and not a care in the world. Then they brought home Marley, a wiggly yellow furball of a puppy. Life would never be the same. (book description)
Melissa Joseph
a collection of touching, true stories about the poignant connection between Baxter, an 18-year-old therapy dog, and the hospice patients and their families to whom he brings comfort and love. (from summary)
Dick Wolfsie
I enrolled Barney in obedience school...I was impressed with the legendary school’s sales pitch, including their money-back guarantee. But when I said my dog was a beagle, there was dead silence on (the other) end of the phone...then a good-natured laugh. I was just kidding about the guarantee. (from summary)
Larry Levin
(S)hares the by turns horrifying and heartwarming story of Oogy, his gentle pit bull who went from brutalized bait for fighting dogs to beloved family member and therapy dog. (from Publishers Weekly)
Mark R. Levin
(A) stunningly intimate look at the love between a family and a dog, one that movingly shows, in Mark Levin's words, that "in the end, we humans are the lucky ones."
Elise Lufkin
Every year, millions of dogs are abandoned - at animal shelters, racetracks, or on the side of the road. Many of these animals end their days without ever knowing a caring human hand, but some are fortunate enough to be found and given a second chance. (This book)…is a moving tribute to the power of love between…dogs who were lost, and the people who were lucky enough to find them. (book description)
Jon Katz
Do animals have souls? Some of our greatest thinkers-- Aristotle, Plato, Thomas Aquinas-- and countless animal lovers have been obsessed with this question for thousands of years. Now...Katz looks for an answer and finds even more questions as he recounts the lives and stories of the residents of his celebrated Bedlam Farm. (from summary)
Kate Jennings
Never really a dog person (she initially dismisses them as "handbags with a heartbeat"), the author changes her mind after falling in love with Stanley's "prickly, prideful, independent" spirit. (from summary)
Stephen Foster
Part Saluki and part greyhound, Ollie was never more at home or more graceful than when he was off leash – racing, almost flying, across the park. But as a house pet, Ollie had issues. Wind, sirens, and buzzing flies frightened him; but most problematic was Ollie's inexplicable fear of Foster himself. (from BookList)
Gotham Chopra
The Chopra dogs taught the family about curiosity and wisdom, open-mindedness and passion, not to mention loyalty and pig's ears. (from summary)
Emily Yoffe
Yoffe never thought she'd find herself extracting her bra strap from a dog's rear end; in fact, she never thought she'd have a dog at all. This cat devotee was in for some unexpected surprises when she took in a neurotic rescued beagle named Sasha to satisfy her daughter's desire for a dog. (book description)
Julie Klam
The hilarious and heartfelt chronicle of a woman learning the secrets of love, health, and happiness from some very surprising teachers: her dogs. (from summary)