Christian Contemporary Fiction

Angela Benson, Marilynn Griffith & Tia McCollors

National bestselling authors Benson, Marilynn Griffith, and Tia McCollors join together for a compelling collection of novellas in which characters come to terms with newfound wealth and its effect on their faith.

Michael R. Phillips
A gripping novel about an archaeologist who discovers Noah's Ark and searches for the Garden of Eden. First of the The Livingstone Chronicles.
Joseph Bentz

After leaving Indiana following the death of his older brother, a young man returns two years later because his father is ill. As he tries to repair broken relationships, he struggles to remain loyal to his brother's memory.

Joseph Bentz
A contemporary novel about a graduate student who returns to his family after a long absence to find that the wounds opened after his brother's death still haven't healed. Haunted by the past, the family struggles to heal the bonds of pain that link them.
Sharon Baldacci
A woman with multiple sclerosis faces a new life filled with physical pain, spiritual challenges, and a moral dilemma.
Sheila Walsh and Kathryn Cushman
"Angels eagerly watch over Ann Fletcher's every move. She just doesn't know it yet.Ann Fletcher has returned to Charleston to see her younger sister Sarah receive her master's degree. But she soon finds herself riding in the back of an ambulance, watching helplessly as Sarah fights for her life. As they race to the hospital, Sarah talks to someone who is not there...and hums a melody Ann has never heard before. That unfamiliar, unearthly beautiful melody keeps finding Ann--first in the hospital chapel, then in her dreams, and finally in Sarah's empty house.

Two neighbors have a profound effect on Ann. Ethan McKinney lends her a shoulder to lean on. And as a carpenter, he volunteers to help Ann get the Fletcher family home into shape for selling. His strong presence is a pleasing distraction. Ann's twelve-year-old neighbor, Keith, has Down Syndrome and the guile to believe he can actually see and hear angels. In fact, he insists they are looking out for her in ways she's never imagined."

Melody Carlson
The first work in a lively new Boomer series features the eventful reunion of four old friends, each at a crossroads in her life. They're about to explore the invigorating reality that even the most eventful life has second acts.
Jan Karon

Father Tim, an Episcopal priest and lifelong bachelor, leads a small congregation in a Southern mountain village. His life is changed and enriched by his encounters with town characters who include a stray dog, a lonely boy, and an attractive neighbor. This book is first in the "Mitford Years" series.

James Scott Bell
Criminal lawyer Jake Denney has hit rock bottom. But when a childhood friend is accused of murder, Jake puts away the bottle and takes the case in a last-ditch effort to restore his dignity and renew his spirit.
Ted Dekker & Erin Healy

Gypsy Janeal Mikkado is in an explosive situation. When her "kumpania" is attacked and her friend is about to be burned to death, Janeal chooses to disappear with the million dollars she discovered. Now the person she thought was dead is back. Will Janeal face her past or be consumed by flames of guilt and fear?

John M. Wills

Chicago Police Officer Pete Shannon’s strength, both physical and spiritual, will be put to the test as he and his partner work the graveyard shift in the “Windy City.” Fellow officer Marilyn Benson, whose faith has lain dormant for many years, can no longer ignore the forces of good and evil which are battling for her soul.

Charlene Ann Baumbich

Eighty-seven-year-old Dorothy Jean Wetstra has a gift for shaking things up. She tools around town in a 1976 Lincoln Continental, plays bunco regularly, and stays on top of the latest news--which she is often creating. In this series debut, Dorothy faces a decision that may change her town forever.

Robin Lee Hatcher

This third book in the Hart's Crossing series finds a baseball-playing, ten-year-old girl determined to make a love connection between her own single mother and her widowed baseball coach.

Stacy Hawkins Adams
Indigo Burns is excited. Her wedding preparations to the man of her dreams are under way, her career as a photographer is a success, and her family seems to be doing better than ever--all except her brother Reuben who nobody has seen in years. But that's about to change, because Reuben has decided to move back home to Jubilant, Texas. But Reuben's hope to find healing with his sisters doesn't seem to be working. Soon enough their lives intersect in dramatic, sometimes painful, and ultimately healing ways.
Shana Burton
Faith, family, and friendship have always been top priority to lifelong friends Lawson, Reginell, Sullivan, Angel, and Kina, but each one is about to be put to the test during one turbulent year. Lawson Kerry is a struggling single mother who has finally gotten her life together.
J. Lynne Hinton

This spirited debut novel forms the recipe for the celebration of women, faith, friendship, and delicious Southern food. "Friendship Cake" involves five women of the Hope Springs Community Church in North Carolina as they knead their sorrows and joys into loaves of bread nd their hopes and dreams into pecan pies.

Philip Gulley

"In the fictional small town of Harmony, Indiana, Sam Gardner becomes the pastor of his hometown church, Harmony Friends Meeting. In this delightful, first-person audio book, Sam describes in a warm, down-home style the moving and humorous adventures he encounters his first year home to Harmony. Bestselling author Philip Gulley tackles the sticky issues of grace, faith, and forgiveness through skillful storytelling-subtly introducing lessons on the power of relationship with each other and with God. Come to Harmony-where the characters are wise yet fallible, the mishaps familiar yet funny, and the moral of the story is always heartwarming and faith-inspiring."
First of a series.

Kristen Heitzmann.
An inseparable bond. An insatiable force. Battling his own personal demons, Police Chief Jonah Westfall knows the dark side of life and has committed himself to eradicating it. When a pair of raccoons are found mutilated in Redford, Colorado, Jonah investigates the gruesome act, knowing the strange event could escalate and destroy the tranquility of his small mountain town. With a rising drug threat and never-ending conflict with Tia Manning, a formidable childhood friend with whom he has more than a passing history, Jonah fights for answers-and his fragile sobriety. But he can't penetrate every wound or secret-especially one fueled by a love and guilt teetering on madness.
Oliver North
U.S. Marine Major Peter Newman is hand picked for a dangerous clandestine operation as the head of the White House's Special Projects Office. His orders are clear: hunt down and eliminate terrorists before they attack. When the mission is compromised, he embarks on a personal odyssey that threatens his life, morality, and marriage.
Teresa McClain-Watson
Roni Jarrett was once in love with a high-rolling strip club owner who abused her. With nothing left but her newfound faith in Christ and her old BMW, she hits the road and ends up in her old hometown, with a new job in an upscale beauty salon and a position as music director for her church. But when her best friend from childhood turns up dead in the streets, the local police (including gorgeous Chief Don Gillette) suspect Roni, and she finds herself caught up in a dangerous maze of gossip and lies that could lead to her own destruction.
Erin Healy

Losing everything has made Lexi hold those she loves tightly. Staggering supernatural events are spilling into her world in real and shocking ways.

Stacy Hawkins Adams

As Serena wonders whether she'll ever realize her dream of becoming a mother, she learns that a longtime friend has left an abusive husband. Despite her fear of the abuser, Serena tries to find and help her friend.

Leanna Ellis
Bryn Seymour was nine years old when her mother died on the same day as the Apollo 11 lunar landing. Forty years later Bryn meets Howard, a conspiracy theorist who believes a small Texas town may hold clues to her mother's demise. But upon meeting Howard's attractive son Sam, an outspoken Christian, she can't decide whose beliefs are more pie-in-the-sky.
Terri Blackstock

In a small Southern town, a serial killer is victimizing wives of the town's firefighters. This book is first in the "Newpointe 911" series.

Wanda B. Campbell

Will the man Micah Stevenson used to be prevent single mother Pamela Roberts from loving the man he is now?

Hannah Alexander
Emergency room surgeon Lukas Bower decides to leave the city for a small-town hospital and finds more trouble than he expected.
Marilyn Tucker Quayle and Nancy Tucker Northcott
A conservative African-American senator, Robert Grant is a hopeful in the next presidential campaign, but the incumbent, fearful of losing his power, sets Grant up to take the blame for a murder he did not commit, and Grant must clear his name and solve a murder.
T. Davis Bunn
An elderly woman and a busy young professional recuperate from surgery in the same hospital room. As their very different worlds converge, together they each receive the gift of a vision of the true beauty and purpose of life.
Andy Andrews

While digging up a withering wax myrtle tree beside his waterfront home on the Gulf coast, author Andy Andrews unearths a rusted metal container filled with Nazi artifacts and begins an intriguing investigation that unlocks an unspoken past that took place in his backyard...literally.

D. L. Smith

"A magical story of love...and miracles After twenty years, Leo Pizzola has come back to the Tuscan village of Santo Fico, still single and still looking for a way to get rich. The town is as poor as it was when Leo left, yet some things have changed. Of Leo's childhood companions, only little Guido, whom everyone calls "Topo," embraces him. His best friend is long dead. The woman he once adored refuses to talk to him. And, worst of all, the kindly old town priest seems to have lost his faith. Perhaps what Santo Fico needs is a miracle-even if Leo and Topo have to manufacture one themselves. Now, as one botched scheme after another unravels, something completely unexpected happens, and wonders indeed begin to transform this Italian town, including the greatest miracle of all... ."

Lisa Samson

"This romance from Lisa Samson is set in a country inn in the Blue Ridge Mountains where Natalie St. John, the proprietor, takes a special interest in a handsome and fascinating college professor who's come to her inn to find the quiet to write a book."

Steven James

FBI agent Patrick Bowers has been called to Asheville, North Carolina to help in the investigation of a serial killer who targets young women and leaves a chess piece behind, suspecting that the muderer has ties to the Jonestown cult and possibly to the current state governor. First of a series.

Sibella Giorello

This suspense novel, set in Richmond, details a double homicide and civil rights investigation by FBI agent Raleigh Harmon. Raleigh knows this is no ordinary case, and no one is willing to talk about it. This Christy Award winner for best first novel is the beginning of a series.

Judy Baer

Thirty-year-old Whitney Blake prays for a "fabulous, single, Christian man" and wonders whether God's answer will be "No."

Neta Jackson

"What do an ex-con, a former drug addict, a real estate broker, a college student, and a married mother of two have in common? Nothing, or so I thought. Who would have imagined that God would make a prayer group as mismatched as ours the closest of friends? I almost didn't even go the Chicago Women's Conference--after all, being thrown together with five hundred strangers wasn't exactly my "comfort zone." But something happened that weekend to make us realize we had to hang together, and the "Yada Yada Prayer Group" was born! When I faced the biggest crisis of my life, God used my newfound Sisters to show me what it means to be just a sinner saved by grace."
First of a series.

Frank E. Peretti

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 (ESV)

Ashton is just a typical small town. But when a skeptical reporter and a prayerful pastor begin to compare notes, they suddenly find themselves fighting a hideous New Age plot to subjugate the townspeople, and eventually the entire human race.

Charles Martin

A man with a painful past meets a child with a doubtful future. This is the story of a shared journey toward healing for both their hearts.