Genealogy for Kids

Ira Wolfman; foreword by Alex Haley

"...the comprehensive, kid-friendly genealogical primer for the 21st century, and a dramatic story of how and why our ancestors undertook the arduous voyages of immigration to this nation. It teaches kids to track down important family documents, including ships' manifests, naturalization papers, and birth, marriage, and death certificates; create oral histories; make scrapbooks of photos, sayings, and legends; and compile a family tree. A full chapter is devoted to the online search, and relevant Internet information has been incorporated into all the other chapters."

Ira Wolfman
A guide to finding out one's own family history and how to formally record it. Suggested for ages 10 and up.
Ann Shelby
A grandmother and her grandchild trace their family history. Suggested for ages 4-8.
Joan Sweeny
Using a family tree, a child explains how her brother, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are related to her. Suggested for ages 4-8.
David Weitzmann
Activities and projects, such as making time capsules and rubbings and tracing genealogy, demonstrate that learning about the past begins at home. Suggested for ages 8-12.
Sheila Greenwald
Disappointed in the poor European immigrant family she discovered while doing a class project to research family roots, Rosy cooks up a clan of royal relatives. Suggested for grades 3-5.
Joanne Rocklin
Seven generations of a Jewish family hear stories of their family history, all told while making apple strudel. Suggested for ages 10-13.
Ann Douglas
Describes how to trace one's family history by interviewing relatives, collecting family memorabilia, and using published and electronic sources, and suggests ways of recording, organizing, and presenting the data. Suggested for ages 8-13.
Lila Perl
A guide for tracing one's ancestors via various means. An appendix describes how to use a number of available government resources. Suggested for ages 9-15.
Maureen Alice Taylor
Discusses genealogy, the study of one's family, examining how such an interest develops, how to get started, how to use family stories and keepsakes, where to get help, and the positive effects of such study. Suggested for ages 9-13.
Suzanne Hilton
Step-by-step instructions on how to trace one's ancestors and construct a family tree. Suggested for ages 10 & up.