Mysteries Go to War: The Civil War

Sandra Dallas

Alice Bullock is a young newlywed whose husband, Charlie, has just joined the Union Army, leaving her on his Iowa farm with only his formidable mother for company. Alice writes lively letters to her sister filled with accounts of local quilting bees, the rigors of farm life, and the customs of small-town America. But no town is too small for intrigue and treachery, and when Alice finds herself accused of murder, she discovers her own hidden strengths.

Ann McMillan

"Though the War Between the States is in its infancy, Richmond, Virginia, is not free of violent death, as two astute and courageous women from opposite ends of society discover when a grave is robbed, yielding the murdered body of a young slave woman. The silk scarf left carelessly with her body leads to suspects from every echelon of Richmond society -- and to more deaths. Narcissa Powers, a young white widow, begins to investigate and is soon aided by Judah Daniel, a free black herbalist and conjure woman. As the War's casualties begin to pour into the city and the "Dead March" echoes through the streets, the mystery deepens, and Narcissa and Judah must risk their lives to find the killer -- or killers -- and save the life of an innocent child."

Owen Parry

A British immigrant to the United States is hired to serve as a confidential agent to Union General George McClellan and quickly finds himself investigating the death of a Union officer while the Civil War rages all around him

Michael Kilian

In July 1861, Harrison Grenville Raines investigates the cold-blooded killing of a Union major during the Northern forces' retreat from the Confederates at the Battle of Manassas

Miriam Grace Monfredo
"Basing her Seneca Falls mystery series on actual historical events, Miriam Grace Monfredo has received critical acclaim for her vivid depiction of nineteenth-century America, when women, abolitionists, and other social reformers fought to reshape the nation... In the spring of 1861, only whispers of the Civil War are heard in New York state, until Seneca Falls's librarian Glynis Tryon tries to save an indentured servant girl from a murder charge--and gets tangled in a tapestry of lust, high treason, and legal treachery that brings the stark reality of the growing Civil War close to home..."
Anne Perry

"The year is 1861. The American Civil War has just begun, and London arms dealer Daniel Albertson is becoming a very wealthy man as emissaries from both sides of the conflict rush to purchase his wares. The quiet dinner party held by Albertson and his beautiful wife seems remote indeed from the passions rending America. Yet investigator William Monk and his bride, Hester, sense growing tensions and barely concealed violence in this well-appointed mansion. For two of the guests are Americans, each vying to buy Albertson's armaments. Philo Trace, the Southerner, is both charming and intelligent, but a defender of slavery. Northerner Lyman Breelove is a disturbing blend of political zealot and personal reserve--to whom Albertson's teenage daughter has pledged her heart. Soon Monk and Hester's forebodings are fulfilled. For within this group, one is brutally murdered in a cruel ritualistic fashion, and two others disappear--along with Albertson's entire inventory of weapons."

Donald Honig
"Barley Newton is cold sober the day he walks down the dusty street in the gold-mining town of Baddock in the Montana Territory. The year is 1870, and Barley knows he couldn't have seen what he just saw: the man who passes him on the street is Major Andrew Pryor.

"But this is impossible! Pryor was Barley's commander in one of the bloodiest of all Civil War battles. And Pryor was killed in battle in 1864, more than five years ago. His body was found and buried.

"So why is Barley so sure it's Pryor he sees in the remote town of Baddock? And, stranger still, why is Barley Newton found dead soon after the mysterious encounter?"

Maan Myers

"Eight men from Kentucky--one barely old enough to shave--have signed a Confederate blood pact. Its code name is Lucifer; its mission is to burn this Yankee town (Manhattan) to the ground."

Miriam Grace Monfredo

Based on an actual event, The Stalking-Horse is set on the eve of the American Civil War. Glynis Tryon's niece, Bronwen, has joined Pinkerton's Detective Agency. While on her first assignment in secessionist Alabama, two of her fellow agents are murdered. When word reaches Seneca Falls that Bronwen is in trouble, Glynis heads south and finds her niece caught in the midst of a diabolical plot designed to strike at the heart of the United States government.

Robert J. Mrazek
After a young Union officer from Maine is terribly wounded in one of the first major battles of the Civil War, he is recruited to serve in the Provost Marshal's office. While handling the paperwork for a routine court martial case, he becomes embroiled in the murder of a beautiful young woman who attended the birthday party of General Joseph Hooker, a notorious playboy. The investigation leads Kit through a series of adventures-both on the battlefield and in intrigue-filled Washington-until he ultimately uncovers a vast criminal conspiracy.