Mysteries Go to War: Vietnam War

Frederick Busch
A small-town lawyer struggling with his memories of Vietnam, Marcus Brennan finds his life further complicated when agrees to defend a woman accused of killing her lover and then begins an obsessive affair with her.
Jenny Siler
Courier Allie Kerry embarks on a run for her life when her contact turns up dead in the bathroom and the computer disk she is supposed to deliver turns out to be the key to a deadly conspiracy dating back to the Vietnam War.
Peter Straub


Only four men knew what it meant. They were Vietnam vets-a doctor, a lawyer, a working stiff, and a writer. They were as different as men could be. Yet all of them were bound eternally together by a single shattering secret. And now they have been reunited, on a quest that will take them from the graveyards and fleshpots of the Far East to the human jungle of New they hunt something inhuman from the past that has risen from the darkness to kill and kill and kill...."

First of the Blue Rose Trilogy, including Mystery and The Throat.

Peter Abrahams

"Blake Wrightman died during the Vietnam War. Not on a Southeast Asian battlefield, but on an American college campus. He died the day the bomb he planted at an anti-war protest claimed a small boy’s life—and forced Blake Wrightman to vanish. Now, after twenty-years as “Charlie Ochs,” Cape Cod lobsterman, Blake finds out that the feds are closing in. But a vengeful G-man gives Charlie a choice: face the music or help smoke out the beautiful hardcore radical who seduced him into the anti-war movement back in the ’60s. So begins a long, strange trip for the former Blake Wrightman, as he revisits the scene of a deadly revolution that didn’t end with the Vietnam War—and is about to claim a few more casualties. . . ."

J. F. Healy

Still reeling from an unfathomable tragedy, Boston P.I. John Francis Cuddy agrees to help a former Vietnam-era comrade who is searching for his granddaughter's killer.

Patrick A. Davis

When an Air Force general is found brutally murdered via a Vietcong-style torture session, Charlie Jensen is called in to investigate. He soon learns that this murder is merely a link in a much longer and more horrifying chain of events that stretches from Vietnam to the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Stewart O'Nan

At 34, Larry Markham seems to be going nowhere fast. The only people he can talk to are a group of disabled Vietnam vets whose gut-wrenching stories feed his imagination. Over and over he is brought back to 1968, to the jungles of Southeast Asia where, as a young medic he had to find a way to keep his platoon alive. But now, in the present, a more imminent danger arises, and his struggle to survive a deadly threat forces him to confront the battles that rage within him.

Nelson DeMille

The last thing Paul Brenner wanted to do was return to work for the Army's Criminal Investigative Division, an organization that thanked him for his many years of dedicated service by forcing him into early retirement. But when his former boss calls in a career's worth of favors, Paul finds himself investigating a murder that took place back in Vietnam thirty years before. Now, returning to a time and place that still haunts him, Paul is swept up in the battle of his life as he struggles to find justice.

Tom Clancy
John Kelly, former Navy SEAL and Vietnam veteran, is still getting over the accidental death of his wife ... when he befriends a young woman with a decidedly checkered past. When that past reaches out for her in a particularly horrifying fashion, he vows revenge.
Nelson DeMille

In 1968, Ben Tyson was a lieutenant in Vietnam. There, the men under his command committed a murderous atrocity. Now Tyson is being held responsible. And only one woman can reveal the truth of his past--and set him free.