Prehistoric Peoples

Peter Dickinson

In two parallel stories, an intelligent female member of a prehistoric tribe becomes instrumental in advancing the lot of her people, and the daughter of a paleontologist is visiting him on a dig in Africa when important fossil remains are discovered.

Petru Popescu

"In a forgotten corner of a country torn by violence, American anthropologist Ken Lauder is about to make a discovery that will challenge everything we've ever believed about the ascent of humankind: a boy who should not exist...a race the defies all logic...inhabiting a secret world of wonder, splendor and peril, a world that cannot be...
A world Ken Lauder may never escape...alive."

Bjorn Kurten
"Bjorn Kurten's compelling novel gives the reader a detailed picture of life 35,000 years ago in Western Europe. One of the world's leading scholars of Ice Age fauna, Kurten fuses extraordinary knowledge and imagination in this vivid evocation of our deepest past. This novel illuminates the lives of the humans who left us magnificent paintings in the caves of France and Spain."
Joan Wolf
After the women of their tribe are killed, men of the patriarchal Tribe of the Horse kidnap women from the matriarchal Tribe of the Red Deer.
W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Captured as slaves when their village is attacked, Odion and his little sister are pursued by their tribe's war chief and other rescuers who are unaware that an evil witch-woman is responsible for the abductions.
W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear

The coastal people of what will be California, Arizona and New Mexico are struggling with the changing world around them. As the mammoths disappear, the seer Sunchaser must decide whether to shelter a beautiful stranger and risk angering the Spirits further.

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

"My name is Yanan and my story begins where it will end..."
She was born over twenty thousand years ago, in a lodge on the ice-swept tundra, in a land where death was always near.

Barbara Wood
After an earthquake unearths relics from a prehistoric time, archaeologist Erica Tyler must solve the mysteries of the people who lived there before.
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Kori, a prehistoric hunter, and his wife, a woman from another tribe, must come to terms with their different backgrounds. A sequel to Reindeer Moon.

Jean M. Auel

"A natural disaster has left young Ayla alone, wandering, fending for herself in an unfamiliar land. One day, she is discovered by the Clan of the Cave bear, men and women far different from her own people. Tall, blond, blue-eyed Ayla is a mysterious stranger to the Clan and at first they mistrust her and cast her out. But as she grows to know them and to learn the ways of the Clan, she is welcomed."

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Torpedoed by a German U-boat in the South Pacific during World War I, a group of adventurers find themselves marooned on Caprona, a hidden and impregnable island seemingly suspended in time, inhabited by dinosaurs, Neanderthals, scattered bands of humans, and cities of fierce humanoids. As they explore this otherworldly place, the protagonists struggle to unlock the fabulous secret at its heart.

A. Conan Doyle

"'You said that you wanted danger, didn't you,' says McArdle, the editor of the Daily Gazette. And he sends his young reporter, Malone, on a strange journey into South America with the famous Professor Challenger. Challenger believes he can find a lost world full of dinosaurs in the middle of the Amazon forest. But this world is dangerous to reach, and, once the Professor and his small group of explorers arrive, things get even more dangerous for them. Will they return alive?"

A 19th-century classic from the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Joan Wolf

The Kindred and the Norakamo tribes have always been at war. But a new threat is arising. A new tribe is following the reindeer into the hunting grounds, threatening the Kindred and Norakamo tribes' way of life.

Mary Mackey

Priestess Marrah journeys to warn the matriarchal societies about the invading warriors coming to stop their way of life