Werewolves: Running with the Pack

Mary Stewart

When a weeping man in a strange costume passes their picnic spot and disappears into the nearby woods, a brother and sister decide to follow him and soon find themselves involved in the rescue of a werewolf in the 14th century.

Annette Curtis Klause

Having fallen for a human boy, a beautiful teenage werewolf must battle both her packmates and the fear of the townspeople to decide where she belongs and with whom.

Ursula K. Le Guin

A collection by an award-winning author includes ten short tales, eighteen poems, and the title story in which a child survives a plane crash and enters a Dream Time of primitive myths and an all-knowing coyote. The included werewolf tale is from the wolves' point of view.

Peter S. Beagle
Classics from the master of psychological fantasy:
Professor Gottesman and the Indian rhinoceros -- The last and only -- Come Lady Death -- El Regalo -- Julie's unicorn -- The last song of Sirit Byar -- Lila the werewolf -- What tune the enchantress plays -- Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the angel -- Salt wine -- Two hearts -- Giant bones -- King Pelles the Sure -- Vanishing -- The tale of Junko and Sayuri -- The rock in the park -- We never talk about my brother -- The rabbi's hobby.
Pat Murphy
The crowding of the wilderness and beautiful Nadya's own budding sexuality threaten the secret of her immigrant werewolf family in 19th-century America.
Poul Anderson

In a war waged against Black Magic, the fact that Steve is a werewolf and his wife is a highly skilled witch is not unusual. But their adventures prove very unusual, even for their world, when they are given the task of neutralizing an enemy's ultimate weapon--the world's most powerful demon. Also look for the sequel, Operation Luna.

Patricia Windsor

While spending the summer working as an au pair for a couple in England, Maris discovers that the husband is a werewolf intent on making her one too.

Donna Boyd

In modern day Manhattan, Alexander Devoncroix tells his son and heir to the pack the disastrous tale of his love for a human in 1890s Paris. These werewolves are not the typical breed, but rather a superior life form to humans who designed the pyramids, live hundreds of years, and secretly control human civilization.

Alice Borchardt

This Guinevere is no starry-eyed princess, only good for looking beautiful and breaking kingdoms in two. Guinevere, Queen of the Dragon Throne, calls upon the spirits of the dead to aid her fledgling army in battling pirates, an action that changes her own soul irrevocably. Meanwhile, a shape shifter and childhood friend named Black Leg (soon to be Lancelot) goes on a hero's quest to prove himself worthy of his beloved Guinevere.


Alice Borchardt

The wars of Charlemagne against declining Rome provide the backdrop to this tale of a female shapeshifter who finds herself a pawn to court intrigue.

Guy Endore

This horrific tale, set against the backdrop of the bloody Franco-Prussian War in the 1840s, pulls no punches as it delves into the heart of the beast and begs the question, what is the nature of true evil. A classic of its kind, in many ways comparable to Stoker's Dracula.

Brian Stableford
After suffering a near-fatal snake bite while visiting Egypt, young David Lydyard finds himself experiencing strange visions and is quickly thrust into the center of the secret war of werewolves, occultists, and fallen angels in Victorian London.