Military Brats, Military Wives

Fern Michaels

After years as an Army wife, Kristine Kelley is devastated after her husband takes off with their savings. Unable to handle finances, she turns to alcohol for comfort. But an old friend, Aaron Dunwoodie, helps her through the chaos. And just as her life is beginning to normalize, her husband returns claiming that he is dying.

Nora Okja Keller

Set in the aftermath of the Korean War, Fox Girl is the story of its forgotten victims, the abandoned children of American GIs who live in a world where life is about survival.

Laurie Graham

A warm, witty, poignant story that follows the friendships of five Air Force wives and an Englishwoman, from post-WW II to the 1990s.

Richard North Patterson

Capt. Paul Terry, one of the army's most accomplished young lawyers, must defend Brian McCarran, a general's son who recently returned from a harrowing tour in Iraq. In the high-profile court-martial, Terry is joined by Brian's sister, Meg McCarran, who leaves her practice in San Francisco to help save her brother. Before the case is over, Terry will become deeply entwined with Meg and the McCarrans--and learn that families, like war, can break the sturdiest of souls.

James Gordon Bennett

"This fresh, poignant first novel features two siblings who will capture readers's hearts in the manner of Salinger's Franny and Zooey. Army brats Teddy and Cora are constantly on the move from base to base with their warring parents. With their edgy intelligence and precocious charm, this duo jumps off the page and pulls readers into their hearts."

Richard Bausch

Virginia bookstore owner Thomas reflects on a disastrous occurrence from his past, when his career Air Force father, a decorated Air Force officer and former POW, is imprisoned for theft and his mother must hold the family together.

Nelson DeMille

When Captain Ann Campbell, daughter of the base commander, is found murdered under compromising circumstances, the Army CID is called in to investigate.

Pat Conroy
Marine pilot Bull Meecham's stern and unyielding personality challenges his southern-bred gentle wife and his top athlete son to stand up and fight back against the hard knocks of life.
Jacey Eckhart
"On the American home front during the ongoing war on terror, no one is feeling the pressure more than military families. Operating tempo is expected to increase. Projected deployments are going to be longer. Our presence in Iraq alone is projected to be at least five years. This news means that military families who have been pressed to the limit since 9/11 are wondering just how they are going to keep the marriage together, raise good kids, and maintain some semblance of normalcy. For the past six years, Jacey Eckhart has written a popular column, 'The Homefront,' running twice weekly in the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot. Through her work, she is asked frequently to speak to deploying commands, training sessions, church groups, reservists, and retirees. They call her 'The Voice of the Military Family.'

"'It is a job I love,' she says, 'but it doesn't do enough. Every week I get requests for past columns about moving, infidelity, in-laws, kids, deployment, and "that one about geographic bachelors."' Current books written for military families don't cover those topics. They admirably address the nuts and bolts of military life. They tell the least initiated spouse what to call the chief and when to get in touch with Navy Relief and how to sign up for dental insurance. But they don't offer any kind of philosophy about how to live well within the military community. Eckhart's book addresses this need, a need that has grown all the more glaring post-9/11."

Tom Wolfe

The true story of Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Walter Schirra, Gordon Cooper and Deke Slayton - the seven men chosen to launch the U.S. into space - and their wives.

Sarah Bird

Ex-military brat Bernadette "Bernie" Root...has never really noticed what a peculiar bunch of nomads her Air Force family is, and upon their return to Japan, she discovers a terrible secret.

Kristin Henderson

"We meet two very different women, Marissa Bootes and Beth Pratt, both newlyweds experiencing life alone at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, while their husbands are fighting in Iraq. Through the extraordinary stories of these and other military spouses, Kristin Henderson reveals the overwhelming effects of separation -- from fears of death to worries about financial stability and marital fidelity. She also explores the official and unofficial support systems that strain to help home front families endure some of their greatest challenges."

Siobhan Fallon

An army of women waits for its men to return in Fort Hood, Texas. Through a series of loosely interconnected stories, Fallon takes readers onto the base, inside the homes, into the marriages and families.