Street Lit

Leaving the safety of her parents home, a very good girl enters a world of bad boys and fast money and hooks up with a sexy but dangerous man who could be the biggest mistake of her life.
Shannon Holmes

The bestselling author of "B-More Careful" presents a journey into the seedy world of strippers--a milieu of sex, money, and murder. Holmes shows how good girls who grew up in the harsh urbanscape of the Philly Badlands become bad girlz.

Solomon Jones

Karima "Cream" Thomas is an ex-convict from an upper-crust family whose only crime was falling for a drug dealer and refusing to testify against him. Sexy, intelligent, street-smart, and determined to change after serving time in the municipal prison system, Karima returns to find that her ex, Duane Faison, wants her back. And for one passion-filled night, she considers it.

Eric Jerome Dickey
"Driver" is an ex-con trying to make his life right but who shares an expensive secret and a past affair with his boss's wife - a woman who is nothing but trouble. Dickey's rich characters jump off the page, drawing readers into the hustle-filled pool hall, the bedroom, and the Lincoln Town Car as Driver chauffeurs his wealthy and notorious clients around. A fast-paced novel of raw emotion softened with humor, this is Dickey at his best.
Wahida Clark

Sexy, beautiful Roz has escaped from the hard streets and is on her way to a professional career in physical therapy. But then she meets Trae, who's still after the bling-bling and fast money of drugs. He's hard, hot, irresistible--and trouble.

Vickie M. Stringer
"This fact-based novel introduces you to 'Carmen.' A female hustler ... that gets caught up in the street game. She takes you through it all, with one thing on her mind: MONEY. She accomplishes her goals by any means necessary. It is a story of love, betrayal, triumph and hope. Carmen only wanted happiness, but didn't quite understand what real happiness and real love meant...Nor the cost. And ultimately the consequences. A story of past pain, choices, priorities and life altering decisions."
Keisha Ervin
Follow Meesa and her boyfriend, Black, up and down the gritty streets of St. Louis while they face lies, drugs and murder.
Nikki Turner
Turner delivers another juicy treat with this high-speed story of a feisty young woman's search for passion, love, and understanding while she hustles for survival.
Wahida Clark

Clark takes the reader through the stories of three ambitious, educated women who aspire to escape the ghetto and follow their hopes and dreams. None of the friends can resist their attraction to their thug boyfriends, which threatens to hold them back from their dreams.